Copper Vent Hood with Straps

Copper Vent Hood with Straps

If your décor is craving some XIX-century feel that is also matching a rustic ambience, consider a copper vent hood with straps. Both metal straps and the rivets were originally used to join pieces of sheet metal and provide structural support to the range hood. Nowadays, with modern techniques, those elements are decorations only and can set a whole different tone to our custom-made copper appliances. A broad collection of hand-hammered copper range hoods provides various models that include decorative horizontal or vertical straps. Discover our online shop for more decorative ideas, new range hood models, and advice for instalment. 

copper vent hood with straps

How do we embellish the extractor’s molding with these characteristic straps? Straps are flat vertical strips of metal welded onto the hood. Sometimes the straps come decorated with rivets places above. The rivets are small metal balls welded to the straps or apron for extra flair. They can be made of different metals & colors to give your copper hood a unique design. If you are looking for a subtle touch of metallic charm on your kitchen, we would recommend you keep it quite simple and choose a copper vent hood with straps made also from copper. You can also consider adding a farmhouse copper sink for a more cohesive look. Just order both items in similar patina finishing so they complement each other instead of creating contrasts. However, if you goal is to boost an eclectic and fun décor, you can easily obtain it by choosing aesthetically more complex model such as copper hood "Windsor" whose body is made of copper and straps from iron. Another idea could be to order a hammered texture for molding and polished, shiny copper for straps. It would create a contrasting statement décor in your kitchen.

When starting a hunt for the perfect metal range hood, in the first place our customer should get an idea of the various options and styles that are available for custom appliances. Any product from MyCustomMade can be done upon an order, from copper bathroom sinks to iron chandeliers. Therefore, our decorative copper vent hoods can be designed to meet and satisfied the unique needs of each buyer. A wide variety of materials can be used to construct your range hoods such as copper, zinc, brass, and iron with looks that are both modern and antique. Apart from the standard sizes that are shown on side menus, you can order personalized measurements and even the shape of the crown. We are sure that any style kitchen will find a suitable copper vent hood that will fit your kitchen cabinets, walls and floors.

Custom Wall Mount Metal Vent Hood

Custom Wall Mount Metal Vent Hood

Custom Metalwork in Mexico

Mexico was famous for its metal working since the Meso American period with metals such as gold, brass, silver and copper and although the Spaniards focused on mining gold and silver and shipping those precise metals to Spain, the copper became quickly one of the most popular metal to produce domestic items such as pots and pans that you can still find being sold on the local markets around the country. Nowadays, the center of the traditional work in Mexico is based in the state of Michoacan and this is where our workshop was established in 2002. We proudly continue the tradition of beautiful metal working that implies precision and a unique technique that converts products in a one of a kind work of art.

For the last 17 years our company specializes in fabricating made to order kitchen furnishings and as you can see on our web page we offer a wild range of custom range hoods  to be chosen in a variety of choices including zinc, wrought iron and cooper. Any cooper vent hood is customized and due to that precise work all of the pieces are unique and they can be produced in any dimensions and designed in any type of finishing our clients require.

Made to Order Metal Vent Hoods

Having imagined your perfect metal kitchen appliances, our company can help you to make it reality. There are many aspect both aesthetic and practical, you should have in mind while choosing a perfect vent hood. First of all, where do you see your future hood to be installed? Vent  hoods can be wall or island type. Our custom cooper vent hood can be designed with many different finishing giving it extra modern or vintage rustic kind of look, just depending on which style you want your new kitchen to be. Although we specialize in Southern architectural elements and furnishings influenced by Spanish hacienda style which is popular in the region of Michoacan, we can produce your custom vent hood in a different shapes and finishing using for examples iron stripes that gives to the hood more modern look or, as seen on the image above, using smooth with hammered straps that are slightly darker we can give it more rustic flavor. The choice of finishing patina depends entirely on the buyer and usually depends on the kitchen existing decor, the color of floor and walls. Also the hammering techniques can vary. It can be round or more irregular making this precious metal look more or less antique.

Buying a Custom Wall Mount Vent Hood

Most vent hoods can be used for both electric and gas ranges in residential as well as commercial kitchens. They can be equipped with the ventilation system or without it. Whether it is large or small kitchen upgrade, our staff can help you in buying the perfect option for your custom made appliance and adjust to your specific needs. That of course includes any wall mount vent hood. However, working in metals is a time-consuming production so the time of the delivery (which is free of charge) can be around five weeks but the final product which is a unique and custom made element of your kitchen is totally worth waiting.

Distressed Metal Vent Hood

Distressed Metal Vent Hood

Quite the opposite to the mainstream trend, we think a rustic kitchen vent will always provide the comfort of your favorite dish prepared by your mum so forget about white cabinets, polished nickel hardware and impeccable marble counters. A distressed metal vent hood will become a good addition in a custom kitchen decor.

Distressed, is our new metal finishing option for vent hoods and other home improvement products for a kitchen. This technique, unlike typical hammering, makes the range hood look more nowadays but within this rustic appeal that almost all our products have. To obtain the finishing, it is required a great experience of the artisan that is using a special hammer to create the effect. The finishing can be used for raw metal as well as patina colored copper. The blog post image shows distressed pattern positioned vertically, however, it can be handcrafted on any design wall and island hood in any other direction. In what kitchens can you imagine a distressed vent hood? In pretty much any! The trend is very popular and this kind of range hood will pair to perfection with shabby furniture, wooden countertops, a worn country table, a metal candle chandelier and a copper sink. It will give you this cozy and very natural appearance to a kitchen where you can feel relaxed even if there a huge mess after your “cooking adventures”.

distressed metal vent hood finishing

On the other hand, though, there are many of us that love bridging the best of farmhouse and contemporary words. The real challenge is to find the ability to combine opposing vent design styles into one dynamic but coherent interior. When it comes to kitchens, you could go in two different directions: you could use old world architectural details of the room to set the stage for the few modern vanities or lofty layout to expose some innovative elements such as our hammered metal vent hood California style which will attract the attention of all guests and family. This contrast will provoke a bigger impact then if you decorate all the room in a single style.

Now that you have seen in how many decorating modes you can actually install a distressed range hood, you should also know that all of our metal hoods are fully customizable. With us, you can customize the size and features according to your idea. Our collection can be just a starting point of your own vision of the perfect kitchen. Send us your requirements and our experienced craftsmen will make it a reality. Each original vent hood is truly a high-end union of form and function.

Custom Metal Vent Hood decorated with Wood

Custom Metal Vent Hood decorated with Wood

You no longer have to suffer if you love both wood and metal and you cannot decide on your new stunning custom metal vent hood because we actually produce and sell them decorated with wood. How wonderful is this vision. In recent years, kitchen range hoods have evolved from an unappealing but necessary appliance to works of art. And why shouldn't an appliance of such large size make a big statement? In fact, a well designed metal vent hood can change the look of the whole kitchen so we recommend you to choose wisely.

Today, kitchen vent hoods are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials that can either draw the eye or blend right in with the surroundings. Some interior architects like an idea of experimenting with various materials when designing custom zinc vent hoods. The option that is not that so often explored is to cover a kitchen custom metal vent hood with wooden elements. It can be covering a lower hood apron to match any other furniture in the room. Think about decorating possibilities this gives you! If you wish to keep all of your kitchen design in similar colors, you can order a custom vent hood covered with antique wood that is painted in the same color as the counters.

custom metal vent hood in a kitchen

If you are buying a metal vent hood with some wooden modification you want it probably to stand out. For that option, you should cover a part of the hood with the wood so the materials have equal importance in the ultimate effect. The metal shininess will bring warmth to your home and wood is such a great addition to a rustic kitchen extractor style. However, before taking the final decision, the homeowners have to select where to install the brand new metal vent hood. Obviously, it has to go where the stove will be placed but you can have it as a wall mount or above the island.

Each option offers you different shapes for the vent hood and as a consequence, diverse choices to customize your vent hood with wood. The key to incorporating woods with metals is getting colors to work together. This is all about a single tone that enhances another. Just about the only thing that won’t work is mixing warm and cool shades. As an example, if you are creating a chic, contemporary kitchen featuring white cabinets, use shiny metals instead of brushed or patina that could be a polished copper range hood from Mexico with some wooden parts in grey. We would be happy to hear your decorative ideas for your brand new custom-made vent hood and have it manufactured for you.