Forged Iron Range Hood with Straps

Forged Iron Range Hood with Straps

Range hood installation is one of the most common tasks when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Mostly, because any kitchen needs a way of venting out the unwelcome smells and smoke or grease. However, adding a brand new extractor is an amazing opportunity to make a huge impact on the kitchen design itself. It is not only about the functionality anymore, but the beauty and uniqueness of our metal vent hoods. Today we want to talk about kitchen decors that include iron range hoods and in particular, a forged iron range hood with straps. They can be a stunning focal point in any style kitchen so keep reading if you want to know why a hand-hammered range hood from Mexico will upgrade your interiors.

iron range hood with rusted crown molding for wall mount kitchen installation

When starting a hunt for the perfect metal range hood, in the first place our customer should get an idea of the various options and styles that are available for custom appliances. Our metal range hoods can be designed to match the unique needs of each buyer. A wide variety of materials can be used to construct your range hoods such as copper, zinc, brass, and iron with looks that are both modern and antique. Apart from the standard sizes that are shown on side menus, you can order personalized measurements and even the shape of the crown. For a homeowner that is looking for a durable, efficient but also very elegant vent hood, we would recommend our iron range hoods. They have a very classic and versatile look that pairs with many materials and colors. A Victorian or French Provance style kitchen will gain enormously with a smooth and polished iron range hood installed against the wall or above the island. Additional metal items could add a vintage feel such as a beautifully crafted wrought iron chandelier. Additionally, a modern and minimalist kitchen can also benefit from the shiny, silver-like look that will add a striking element to all-white, contemporary settings.

For a rustic style, we recommend you a forged iron range hood with straps such as “San Antonio” model. This wonderful extractor stands out because the design is combining two very distinctive metals: cool iron and warm copper. The vertical and horizontal straps are made of reddish copper which highlights the charming shape of this range hood. Also, our rustic vent hoods work really well with our copper farmhouse sinks. Our forged iron range hood is a lavish addition to a modern and more traditional kitchen. It complements wonderfully a crisp white interior as well as darker, wooden cabinets. Usually, iron range hoods create an interesting statement but without overwhelming the rest of the kitchen design. Adding decorative straps or rivets that can be done with iron or other metal, adds even more interest to the whole extractor. You can contact us in case you found one of our hand-hammered range hoods interesting, but you want to give it a little bit of spark. All of our products are, fully customized as mention before.

Buying a New Copper Kitchen Sink

Buying a New Copper Kitchen Sink

Our customer Fred, who works at Home Depot decided to buy a brand new copper kitchen sink with apron from Custom Made online store for his house while renovating it. He had a number of concerns prior to going ahead with his purchase. Many of his worries likely pass through most customers heads when they are evaluating upgrading with an apron kitchen sink. He got motivated to enough to write a post outlining the issues, backed by his Internet research. The comment includes his experiences after a certain period of time having an apron sink installed. Consider what he had to say about his own experience: “Here you go – I adore my copper farmhouse sink! It is usable and at quite beautiful. I regret nothing and would purchase it again if I had to…” An undermount copper kitchen sink enjoys many advantages over other materials. It is, like Fred highlights, a remarkable and elegant handmade product. It is a wonderful material as well. You will create an incredibly personal ambiance in your kitchen and the custom copper sink will become a focal point of any room you will install it in. This metal is flexible and therefore we are able to hand hammered real pieces of art with various shapes in the offer and original designs inside the sink’s basin.

Being heavily used in the kitchen it is also important to remember that an undermount as well as made-to-order copper sink requires no maintenance. High-quality metal, like the one we are using in our production, virtually takes care of itself. To maintain your hammered copper kitchen sink, rinse with water and dry completely with each use to prevent spotting. Not to mention that it is the  hygienic metal of all. The surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. As far as the designing aspects concern, luckily it goes perfectly with many other metals if you want to keep your kitchen shiny also fits gracefully with many colors especially with light ones which are optimal ideas for dressing up. Imagine a spacious all-white cooking area with an unique sink that will catch an eye of every guest as it is a unique kind decorative furnishing. It will add warmth and character to any areas that are under renovation. What is more, our copper sink looks equally great in a vintage as well as in a modern design kitchen. You can place it as an accent element to a very minimalist decor or as a complement to the Southern style, containing a wall mount range hood and relief ceramic tiles.

copper kitchen sink

If you are remodeling big or small and buying a new copper kitchen sink, take a look at custom home improvement category. If you have any additional questions or comments, our customer service is to help.  Contact us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumbler for useful kitchen tips and ideas.

Custom Made Home Improvement Projects

Custom Made Home Improvement Projects

We all know that to create this unique and glamorous appearance you are dreaming about, you need to the professionals and we are here to help you with your custom made home improvement projects. Occasionally, our clients request made-to-order kitchen appliances, household furnishings and handmade ceramic tiles for their personalized home improvement. Brand new wrought iron hammered and wrought iron kitchen hood designs by their interior project architects and forwarded to us for their production taking advantage of low production costs. Since our facility is located in Mexico it offers great savings in manufacturing and that impacts positively on any large or small custom home improvement project. Even though the products have to be sent to the USA, Canada or Europe, the price is still incomparable.

custom home improvement project

However, it is not only the price that makes us stands out from the crowd of appliances and furnishing producers. Thousands of happy customers are confirming that we also creating high-quality products, back up by excellent service. Each new custom made order, our company is in close contact with the customer to make sure that we are able to recreate to perfection the idea for a new home improvement project. We work with all kind of metal, wood, Cantera stone and offer free shipping to the USA mainland. Other destinations may carry additional freight cost. The best demand in case of our factory are custom metal range hoods, iron mirror frames and Mexican patio furniture.

Our company specializes in rustic decor for kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms for  years. Whether you are considering your bathroom, kitchen, foyer or patio we supply a wide range of custom home improvement products, and renovation needs. From antique zinc range hoods, copper dining tables to aluminum cast furniture for your outdoor garden, all our furnishings are handcrafted in Mexico. Most of them can be customized as far as size, color and finishing concerns. Once you have decided on the general layout and style of your custom home improvement project, is when we come to assist you in offering the quality, elegant and functional items. You can start to look for those powerful statement pieces such as designer range hoods, Talavera tiles for walls or your kitchen backsplash and apron sinks. As for the outdoors, we produce rustic dining sets, Stone decorating accents, fountains and hand painted talavera planters and many more products from Mexico.

While working on your bathroom upgrading project, there are so much modern or rustic objects you can buy in our online store and ask for customization. Think about beautifully designed Colonial master bathroom with antique copper sinks, Mexican tiles decorated mirror and the queen the free-standing double slipper bathtub, produced form the highest-quality tin metal. It will catch en eye of everyone. Ad some extra decorative elements such as adequate lightning fixtures, handmade bathroom accessories and voila, your customized bathroom is ready. Using our internet discount home hardware product outlet, you will redecorate all areas of your house or condominium apartment, regardless it is a spacious Hacienda or a loft in a city. With us, you can sit, relax and wait for the final result of your custom made home improvement project that will be undertaken just the way you wanted.