old world round copper bathroom sink
old world round copper bathroom sink
round bathroom sink the design made of copper back view
optional old world copper bathroom sink drain back plumbing fixture
old world design patina options for a bathroom sink made of copper

Copper Bathroom Sink "Chihuahua"

Created by skillful craftsmen our copper bathroom sink "Chihuahua" will make an old world stand in any design layout. Even though the overall design is predominantly rustic, we can imagine this vanity in a modern and minimalist bathroom, making a statement piece that brings lots of warmth. It is available in small or large copper sink size as round with a flat rim but you also have a made to order option.

  • Small size 15½"x 6" (40x15cm)
  • Large sink 17"x 6" (43x15cm)
  • Standard drain diameter 1½"
  • Customize it with patina of choice
  • Optional over-flow