traditional copper bathroom sink
traditional copper bathroom sink
round copper drop-in bathroom sink back view
traditional undermount copper bathroom sink fixture
round copper bathroom sink traditional patina choices

Copper Bathroom Sink "Belice"

For ethnic design admirers, this drop-in copper bathroom sink “Belice” will astonish with a highly traditional ornamented composition inspired by Mayan culture. It is not only decorated inside the round basin but by also on the lip of the sink which makes it one of the most elaborated models we have in offer. Undoubtedly, it will become your more cherished copper plumbing fixture of decoration for ethnic and rustic styled ambiances.

  • Small size 15½"x 6" (40x15cm)
  • Large sink 17"x 6" (43x15cm)
  • Standard drain diameter 1½"
  • Customize it with patina of choice
  • Optional over-flow