Custom Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Custom Copper Kitchen Backsplash

You want your kitchen to look more refine and glamourous? Consider putting aside your old tile mural or backsplash tiles and bring some metallic shade with the custom copper kitchen backsplash. Shiny, metallic décor became popular some time ago and it is getting more and more popular as the metal manufacturers are offering innovative and original appliances, furnishings and decorative elements made of steel, brass and copper. We knew that the copper is a perfect match for a kitchen since people started using copper pan, pots and all sorts of homeware. Then, the chic copper range hood stole our hearts. Finally, copper lamps, frames, tubing have been used to create an eye-catchy element that would illuminate any space and perfectly fir ant décor from modern, industrial to rustic and eclectic. Now, we are presenting you another amazing idea that can add a copper shine in your kitchen and at the same time, guarantee you a durable and high-quality backsplash- make it from copper!


custom made copper kitchen backsplash

Perhaps you are worried that a decorative element of that size could not go easily together with any style? First of all, custom copper kitchen backsplash fits gracefully with most of the cabinetry colors: white, emerald, black, navy, brown etc. You can pair it with the same shade copper range hood or play with mixing metals and used steel or zinc hood instead. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be a great ally for a copper backsplash. It will add more of a rustic and traditional atmosphere to your kitchen, creating a warm and welcoming space. If you are in love with contemporary forms and architecture, choose a shiny and sleek patina for your copper backsplash that will look extraordinary with some minimalist and bold cabinetry. Add some industrial copper lighting fixtures for the final touch. The polished and glossy surface of the backsplash will light up the whole cooking area without sacrificing the glamour. 

How do we create a custom copper kitchen backsplash for our clients? We customize all of our products which comes in handy during the home improvements projects. Firstly, the customer should decide on the size of the backsplash. Do you want to fill just the stove with a rectangular sheet of a copper charm, or perhaps you want to go full with metallics and decorate the whole cooking area with your new, stunning copper backsplash? We can manufacture any size you need and customize it to your specific needs. As for the look, from weathered and vintage to sleek and modern, the homeowner has a lot of style possibilities to work with. Check out the patina options we are working with and let your imagination flow.

5 Tips for Solving Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

5 Tips for Solving Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

The kitchen in most homes sees a lot of activity. Obviously, it is where our meals are prepared as well as the clean up after. It contains many of the big kitchen appliances at home like the fridge, dishwasher, metal stove hood and sometimes even our washer and drier. Naturally, the majority of the plumbing system of the home goes through the kitchen and it is also where a lot of the plumbing issues take place. A lot can go wrong in the kitchen. The most common area leaking or burst pipes. An appliance might malfunction and spread water everywhere. Clogged copper sinks are also a common occurrence. So when these things happen, what can we do? Here are a few ways of solving common kitchen plumbing problems.

  1. Clogged Drain, being quite a frequent occurrence, there are already a number of ways to deal with a clogged drain. This is partly due to most homes using their drain as garbage disposal. The easiest way to prevent this is by being conscious about what you throw down the drain. If the problem has already occurred, the best thing to do would be to use a pipe snake. For the worst cases, removing the pipe and cleaning it out would be the next best option.
  2. Leaky Faucets, after clogged drain, leaks on faucets are the next most common kitchen plumbing problem to occur. A leaking faucet is a huge waste of water, not to mention an increase in your water bill. It is imperative, therefore, that this issue should be resolved as soon as possible. Lucky for you, this is an issue that can be done if you are handy enough and familiar with plumbing tools and fixtures. You can check that the faucet is screwed on tight and make sure the seal is intact. If that doesn't resolve it, you can install a new faucet head.
  3. Burst Pipes, a pipe bursting is common especially in areas that experience winter. This happens because when water freezes it expands. If the pressure is not relieved, the expansion would be too great for the pipe to contain leading to a burst pipe. It is easy to tell that the water in the pipes is frozen when you turn on your faucet and nothing happens. The best thing to do when this happens is to turn off your main water supply and replacing the damaged pipe. You can avoid water freezing in pipes by keeping a trickle of flowing hot water and having a nanny camera nearby to monitor it during night time.
  4. Garbage Disposal, problems While it is recommended to through food waste down the garbage disposal rather than a normal drain, this could sometimes lead to problems which could render it to stop working. When this happens, never ever put your hand down the garbage disposal. Try a pipe snake to try to dislodge debris from the pipe.
  5. Dripping Dishwasher, this is all too common for houses with a dishwasher installed. It is especially a frequent issue for those homes with an older model dishwasher. Check the seals to make sure they are still working fine and holding water in. Replace those seals if they are irreparable. Or, you can always get a new dishwasher.
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Custom Made Home Improvement Projects

Custom Made Home Improvement Projects

We all know that to create this unique and glamorous appearance you are dreaming about, you need to the professionals and we are here to help you with your custom made home improvement projects. Occasionally, our clients request made-to-order kitchen appliances, household furnishings and handmade ceramic tiles for their personalized home improvement. Brand new wrought iron hammered and wrought iron kitchen hood designs by their interior project architects and forwarded to us for their production taking advantage of low production costs. Since our facility is located in Mexico it offers great savings in manufacturing and that impacts positively on any large or small custom home improvement project. Even though the products have to be sent to the USA, Canada or Europe, the price is still incomparable.

custom home improvement project

However, it is not only the price that makes us stands in the crowd of appliances and furnishing producers. Thousands of happy customers are confirming that we also creating high-quality products, back up by excellent service. Each new custom made order, our company is in close contact with the customer to make sure that we are able to recreate to perfection the idea for a new home improvement project. We work with all kind of metal, wood, Cantera stone and offer free shipping to the USA mainland. Other destinations may carry additional freight cost. The best demand in case of our factory are custom metal range hoods, iron mirror frames and Mexican patio furniture.

Our company specializes in rustic decor for kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms for  years. Whether you are considering your bathroom, kitchen, foyer or patio we supply a wide range of custom home improvement products, and renovation needs. From antique zinc range hoods, copper dining tables to aluminum cast furniture for your outdoor garden, all our furnishings are handcrafted in Mexico. Most of them can be customized as far as size, color and finishing concerns. Once you have decided on the general layout and style of your custom home improvement project, is when we come to assist you in offering the quality, elegant and functional items. You can start to look for those powerful statement pieces such as designer range hoods, Talavera tiles for walls or your kitchen backsplash and apron sinks. As for the outdoors, we produce rustic dining sets, Stone decorating accents, fountains and hand painted talavera planters and many more products from Mexico.

While working on your bathroom upgrading project, there are so much modern or rustic objects you can buy in our online store and ask for customization. Think about beautifully designed Colonial master bathroom with antique copper sinks, Mexican tiles decorated mirror and the queen the free-standing double slipper bathtub, produced form the highest-quality tin metal. It will catch en eye of everyone. Ad some extra decorative elements such as adequate lightning fixtures, handmade bathroom accessories and voila, your customized bathroom is ready. Using our internet discount home hardware product outlet, you will redecorate all areas of your house or condominium apartment, regardless it is a spacious Hacienda or a loft in a city. With us, you can sit, relax and wait for the final result of your custom made home improvement project that will be undertaken just the way you wanted.

Supplying Metal Stove Hoods for Kitchen

Supplying Metal Stove Hoods for Kitchen

Range hood installation is the most common tasks when it comes to small kitchen remodeling. We all need an appliance that ventilates the unneeded smells out of your home. As a result, it is imperative to know how to go about selecting the perfect metal stove hood for your dream kitchen. When you want to select the perfect metal range hood, it is first and foremost important to have an idea of the various options and styles that are available on the market.

When you are designing your new kitchen, you want to bring the best materials and appliances. After all, this is the area that will be visited and used daily. You will be in a market for unique and stylish solutions too. Today a hood extractor can not only pair with the rest of decor but it can actually upgrade it and redefine it! A hand-hammered and custom made metal stove hood for a kitchen is the best option for those of homeowners looking for a perfect match, and that is a kind of product that we offer. Our collection of stove hoods consists of thousands of designs made of high-quality metals such as copper, zinc or iron. We are confident that you will find the one that will improve the hood appearance of your kitchen and at the same time, the general functions performed in the kitchen. In other words, an ideal range hood that is as beautiful as functional. Additionally, each of our products can be supplied with custom finishing specific for the metal and size best suited for your home improvement project.

metal stove hood installed in a kitchen

Nowadays, we have two main streams in the kitchen interior design which we could sum up as modern and rustic. Even though there are a lot of minimalists around us, a farmhouse style is still very trendy and a hacienda type copper range hood with some extra ornamentation will be simply exceptional in your rustic kitchen. Browse our Colonial stove hoods and let your imagination flow. Which of them will suit your decor? Which patina option will enhance the best the surroundings and where to install the stove with its have to analyze that thoroughly.

We are offering a wall and kitchen island range hoods. Do you want your extractor to stand out from the renaming cabinets and counters design? Then, definitely using a metal hood will help you with that. A metallic tone, the textures you can achieve by adding our handmade products will make a great difference in your kitchen. We sell custom stove hoods in patina finishing that might give them more of a rustic, distressed vibe or, on the contrary, turn them into a modern and sleek appliance. It is, obviously, easier to make your brand new stove hood noticeable if it is in island version. The kitchen island is meant to create an impact, and its design must make a statement, including the hood. Therefore, consider adding warm and goldish tones of the copper or glowing hues of polished iron or zinc of our metal stove hoods. We cannot foresee your taste but what we are aware of is that the products that we supply will work efficiently and will upgrade the look of your kitchens.