Custom Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Custom Copper Kitchen Backsplash

You want your kitchen to look more refine and glamourous? Consider putting aside your old tile mural or backsplash tiles and bring some metallic shade with the custom copper kitchen backsplash. Shiny, metallic décor became popular some time ago and it is getting more and more popular as the metal manufacturers are offering innovative and original appliances, furnishings and decorative elements made of steel, brass and copper. We knew that the copper is a perfect match for a kitchen since people started using copper pan, pots and all sorts of homeware. Then, the chic copper range hood stole our hearts. Finally, copper lamps, frames, tubing have been used to create an eye-catchy element that would illuminate any space and perfectly fir ant décor from modern, industrial to rustic and eclectic. Now, we are presenting you another amazing idea that can add a copper shine in your kitchen and at the same time, guarantee you a durable and high-quality backsplash- make it from copper!


custom made copper kitchen backsplash

Perhaps you are worried that a decorative element of that size could not go easily together with any style? First of all, custom copper kitchen backsplash fits gracefully with most of the cabinetry colors: white, emerald, black, navy, brown etc. You can pair it with the same shade copper range hood or play with mixing metals and used steel or zinc hood instead. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be a great ally for a copper backsplash. It will add more of a rustic and traditional atmosphere to your kitchen, creating a warm and welcoming space. If you are in love with contemporary forms and architecture, choose a shiny and sleek patina for your copper backsplash that will look extraordinary with some minimalist and bold cabinetry. Add some industrial copper lighting fixtures for the final touch. The polished and glossy surface of the backsplash will light up the whole cooking area without sacrificing the glamour. 

How do we create a custom copper kitchen backsplash for our clients? We customize all of our products which comes in handy during the home improvements projects. Firstly, the customer should decide on the size of the backsplash. Do you want to fill just the stove with a rectangular sheet of a copper charm, or perhaps you want to go full with metallics and decorate the whole cooking area with your new, stunning copper backsplash? We can manufacture any size you need and customize it to your specific needs. As for the look, from weathered and vintage to sleek and modern, the homeowner has a lot of style possibilities to work with. Check out the patina options we are working with and let your imagination flow.

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Apr 05, 2017

I am interested in purchasing custom zinc range hood in antique finishing. I would love to have my kitchen backsplash made of zinc as well. Is it possible to order it finished with the same color as my zinc range hood?


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