Copper Bathroom Sinks Colors

Copper Bathroom Sinks Colors

While designing your new bathroom, you can actually do that around the style of your copper sink or bathtub as those would be the two most noticeable pieces in the room. If you are not an expert in copper bathroom sinks colors, keep reading this post.

copper bathroom sink patina colorsLook for the general idea of the ambience you want to create. Do you want it to be sleek and modern or perhaps a little bit more ornamented and traditional? Our selection of copper bathroom sinks offers a broad spectrum of designs ranging from hacienda or Spanish to contemporary ones. You can intensify the style by picking the right patina color for your new appliance. The elegance of the patina of a custom copper bathroom sink makes it a natural focal point and can anchor your entire room. Therefore, if you are planning to install a copper sink, the color tone of the finished copper that you have chosen will certainly be one of the most important factors in your choice. Just have a look at some examples of our most stunning sinks, whether drop-in, undermount or vessel, they all have an additional option for custom patina finishes ranging from light, dark to green oxidized and polished that looks bright and shiny, like a new penny. All of those copper bathroom sinks' colors are protected with clear varnish. It prevents further patina darkening.

If left untreated, a lovely patina will naturally begin to develop on the copper as it is exposed to air and water. Some clients love this “living” property of this versatile material. Unlike other metals, that rust, when exposed, copper’s natural ageing process is typically very desirable as it ranges from brown sugar tones to mocha, to orange or brown. However, most of us prefer their furniture and appliances to keep their desired tone over the years and choosing one of our patina colors is the guarantee of timeless charm and durable performance of your new bathroom copper sink. If your bathroom is designed in darker tones or is missing a natural light source, a lighter patina for your copper sink will be the best solution. The oxidized option with a lovely and unique green tone is perfect for shabby or transitional style fitting in both modern and rustic interiors. The dark finish on your copper will look gracefully in a traditional style, adding a vintage feel to the assembly.


Jul 28, 2020


Jul 28, 2020



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