5 Tips for Setting up Smart Home Security Cameras

5 Tips for Setting up Smart Home Security Cameras

There are a million and one reasons why homeowners should look into smart home security system cameras. Apart from the foolproof safety they offer, smart home systems are different from conventional home security cameras that people are used to.

Benefits of Smart Home Security Cameras

Before we give you the lowdown on setting up automated protection for your home and the entire family, here are some benefits you can get from automated smart home security cameras:

Smart surveillance home systems don’t only alert you when the damage has been done. You will have the power to proactively do something to prevent further damage because notifications are real-time via internet connectivity. Monitoring your family is more important than watching your home. Due to the automation it offers, you can ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

Automated home surveillance systems also enable you to control other things like thermostat, lights, and appliances from a mobile phone or portable gadget. This also prevents fires and other electronic mishaps. Installing this cutting-edge technology can let you save on your utility bills by making sure everything is turned off when the house is empty.

It increases the home’s value when it’s time to sell. According to a survey, 81% of homeowners with smart home devices are willing to purchase a home with integrated technology.

Tips for Setting Up Smart Home Surveillance Devices

1. Opt for door sensors and motion detectors.

As a homeowner, you want to be on top of everything. And that includes being alerted once someone suspicious is lurking outside. You want to be ready for the next step. Surveillance cameras with sensors and motion detectors can help you prepare for the worst.

2. Consider a monitoring service.

Monitoring service is a subscription-based service where emergency calls are transferred to local authorities. However, if homeowners want to avoid the hassle of having the fire department or police officers every time a false alarm goes off, they can buy a DIY system that doesn’t need a subscription. Once alerted, homeowners can call the police themselves.

3. Put the cameras in conspicuous places.

Most homeowners have this notion that hiding cameras are more effective when catching the bad guys. However, this only gives criminals more confidence in completing what they came to do. Putting the devices in prominent places can shoo away criminals or, at the very least, scare them.

4. Placement matters.

The right placement matters when setting up surveillance systems. If you’re putting them in all the wrong places, then home protection will be futile. Here are some of the common areas where you should put them:

  • Front door Back door
  • Off-street windows
  • Garage Basement
  • Second floor Driveways

5. Pick power-operated outdoor cameras.

Although battery-operated outdoor devices are as efficient as power-operated devices, they are dependent on the battery source. If the battery dies, then all hell breaks loose. This may not have a considerable weight if there’s always someone who can monitor the batteries. However, if the home’s inhabitants are gone for days on end, opting for an electric power source might be a viable alternative.

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