Customized Antique Copper Range Hoods

Customized Antique Copper Range Hoods

Degree to which an antique copper range hoods can be customized depends on models. There are hoods with shape resembling old world and others are modern. Regardless the design we can apply antique patina to make any appliance looking like it was made long time ago. The styles that have received many complements are for the most part large copper range hood units with lights, filter and fan. They are ready to be installed in the kitchen without the necessity to buy additional vent equipment.

Handmade hacienda copper hood "Ohio" we call Spanish colonial. Shown with our vintage finish and hammered body as well as decorative apron. It is available in wall and island mount version. I have met interior designers recommend at least six inches wider bottom than a cooktop. In my personal opinion the same width as the range it is venting below is sufficient.

copper vent hood

Another example of customized antique copper stove hood is our "Denver" design. It has handmade punched straps that are part of the surface created by our skilled coppersmith from Santa Clara del Cobre. Yes, our production facility is located in Mexico having a direct impact on our competitiveness on the US market. Only compare our prices. You will quickly discover that we are the best distributor of custom antique vent hoods in USA.

Customizing Range Hoods

Custom appliance designs for kitchen remodeling come with decorative aprons and others crown moldings and rivers or nails. The beauty of buying in our antique kitchen appliance outlet online is the ability to modify the existing style range hoods. For example you can add straps to the model that has contemporary look to make it more vintage. What about going even further and embedded some rivets on the top of them? Also, we allow at no extra cost mixed metals. A customized copper stove hood could be supplied decorated with zinc apron or polished pewter crown. Consider adding to your order a sink with the same appearance. The absolute top of the line designs have punched motives on the front panels such as flowers, fruits or even animals. One of  more popular among them in that product category is a rooster.

Handcrafted metal range hoods are very versatile allowing the craftsman using his imagination to create one of a kind appliance. When you consider that any model can be customized for height, length and depth apart of adding decorative elements you quickly come to conclusion that the selection is endless. Then, think about selecting the best applicable for your kitchen finishing which only will multiply the choices. The made-to-order furnishings can be shipped in dark coffee, honey, natural fired which is the most rustic and antique patinas. Or for extra cost we can polish metal into shiny look as well as cover with nickel the entire product or just portions of it. The newest additional to our collection the option to customize for oxidized copper. We use special salts to have it turn green making multitude of buyers were quite exited to find out it was also available.

Antique Range Hood Delivery

Our standard hood delivery is four to five weeks. You can use them for gas and electric stoves. We always home a few in stock on offer with the discount so check our store regularly. It includes production time. We pack our wall range hoods from copper to hand constructed crates and strap them to pallets. You will need some heavy duty tools to remove them from their packaging. Please be careful not to scratch them while working on getting them out what must be done in the delivering drivers presence. Once you examined it, sign the receipt and don't allow to be pressured to do so without seeing your antique cargo inside.

Custom Zinc Counters for Bathroom and Kitchen

Custom Zinc Counters for Bathroom and Kitchen

Zinc is an industrial type material with very unique characteristics. Quick analyzes of steady increase in number of orders our manufacturing plant receives, is is clear, its popularity in just beginning to grow. It became popular metal for building counter-tops for all kinds of kitchen and bathroom. There is no limit on the dimensions. We were already fabricating custom zinc counters in irregular shapes as well as exceptionally long. Finishing choice often depends on room style. When designing the space, your architect or interior designer will be confronted with many options. The copper tabletop can be hammered or smooth, natural metal or antique dark. We can make it even almost black using natural ageing methods. It develops patina appealing especially good for furniture tops of traditional homes, bars and restaurants.

custom zinc counter

Zinc sheeting from Custom Made is used by contractors for renovations for brand new projects and other home improvements. You can make using it a backslash, drawer front panels, handmade oven hoods and farmhouse sinks. Some tradesman use it for roofing and decorative elements. Let's take a closer look for hammered metal uses we as a manufacturer are put in charge most often.

Zinc Bathroom Counters

Rustic bathroom can be complemented with custom zinc counters. They can be plain tops or furnished with back wall or even incorporated bath sinks. Choices of  round, oval or square welded in to the counter surface making a single piece. Because of the standard bath cabinet depth (front to back), regular countertops made of any material are 22 inches. Of course we can have it produced as made-to-order according to the buyer instructions. It was drawn to our attention form various clients that a white vessel sink from porcelain or other ceramic and light painted walls present themselves very well against worm metallic zinc counter especially when the intention is to add some rustic character. I believe it is always a good idea to look for inspirations prior to deciding on counter design. Discover how your bathroom may show up including colors, storage, layouts and organization by browsing Houzz site. It is full of excellent solutions for high demand tastes and styles.

Zinc Kitchen Counters

Zinc counters are not for everyone if you are in the process of home improvement work. While considering its application in your kitchen think about its attributes and how it will fit into the whole design. Without any question, it will change the room appearance entirely. Also, be prepared for the extra cost, special care and periodical maintenance. No doubt, it will not matter once you turned out the estate in to expensive looking space that become the envy of anybody entering it. Zinc counter and the table blend nicely with stainless steel appliances. Or, order matching custom vent hood and the apron sink with the same finishing. The entire kitchen will have a lot of metal furnishings and depending on your preferences it could be looking country style or ultra modern. As a matter of fact countertops made of it are a classic material for kitchens and furniture and have more pleasant appearance than alternative metals.

Custom Zinc Counter Prices

The cost of zinc counter-tops range from small to hight because of gauge, size, labor intensity and your destination. Prior to deciding about counters consider all pros and cons by searching the internet and consulting a professional decorator. Do your homework online and avoid costly mistakes.

Zinc Kitchen Extractor Hood

Zinc Kitchen Extractor Hood

Searching for design ideas related to a custom range hood, kitchen extractor hood or vent hood made of zinc for your house, cottage or condominium apartment? You will find the best collection of zinc range hoods made in smooth and hammered metal on site. The hoods are offered in natural metal and antique finishing color. Many kitchen extractor styles are based on Spanish hacienda heritage, all of them are for sale in wall mounting and island version. Some of them are simple country type appliances and others are decorated with vertical straps, horizontal moldings, designer aprons and crown moldings.

Custom Made brand specializes in made-to-order fan zinc range hood production for kitchen and it has two objectives. To make a fashion statement and focal point of the kitchen as well as extract fumes from the cocking area. The air can be either channeled through exhaust pipes outside the house or recirculated back to the room. In that case, it passes though a filter carbon activated removing odors and particles. Our expertise in incorporating a kitchen extractor fan into our range hoods makes the final product available at the discount prices best in the industry.

The cost cutting tool that is the most effective in relation to our factory is its location. Since the integrated wall cooker hood production is based in Mexico, there is little overhead allowing passing all the savings to the buyer. Along the years we developed an extensive line of  kitchen extractor fan products produced in creative way up to any taste. They are fully welded from zinc sheeting and iron based making them very strong and rigid.

Why Kitchen Extractor Hood made of Zinc?

First of all, a zinc kitchen extractor hood with a fan insert became popular while upgrading both contemporary and country kitchen. It is rustic and at the same time quite elegant. No doubt asking your architect to design your brand new kitchen having a zinc hood included will transform it beyond recognition in positive sense. It is also very functioning piece of furnishing easy to maintain. Whether you are a master chef at a commercial enterprise or house wife preparing family meals, the functionality and variety of our extractor fan hood designs will make a strong appeal Why would you want ton continue using your old kitchen extractor instead of begin working on converting it into the kitchen that will be admired by anybody who happen to stumble in to it.

Custom Made Zinc Fan Hoods

zinc kitchen extractor hood

We invite you to browsing a multitude of kitchen hood photos on our site and picking one you like the most. If you want to make some modifications, no problem. We will custom built your kitchen hood in any way you need us to produce it including adding a insert fan free of charge. Once you inspired with one of the options shown on CustomMade and are happy with ideas about the best zinc range hood for your own home, drop us a line to begin the process of development and production.

Rest assured you are in good hands. For the last thirty years since we were building zinc metal kitchen extractor hoods as custom made home improvement products we accumulated a lot of experience in manufacturing kitchen vent hoods and finishing them the way our buyers wanted. We can also mix metals. For example, a zinc fan hood decorated with copper or forged iron straps or pewter rivets.

If you have any questions about extractor oven hoods, please get back to us while suggesting the dimensions, metal, style and color.

Small Kitchen Remodeling

Small Kitchen Remodeling

Why Kitchen Renovation?

Here you go again says a husband to his wife. Don't listen to him. Instead find ideas about small kitchen remodel by browsing Custom Made site for inspiring vent hoods and sinks designs. Any appliance and kitchen fixture on our site is offered in various dimensions including small sizes. If you are looking for your renovation a hood or sink in other shape simply sent request for custom made products. You will need to let us know the material, sizes and finishing for your made-to-order products. Having in mind maximizing space limitations while improving aesthetics and ergonomics you can make your small kitchen much happier. As a matter of fact, it is the room in the house where often entire family gathers not only for eating but also daily conversations. So you need to feel comfortable there.

Small Kitchen Remodel Inspirations

If you were unable to find what you were looking for for you small kitchen remodel project, we command checking for excellent inspirations in area of best small kitchen makeovers. We can produce any custom vent hood and copper sink for kitchen shown on the site as well as come out with a completely brand new product based on your instructions. Keep in mind while sending your proposal, a properly designed small kitchen should not be cluttered but instead incorporate maximum efficiency stove hood, sink and cabinet wise. Providing your implement well-planned remodeling, your small kitchen will become stylish with adequate storage what is not that easy when dealing with limited room.

Small Kitchen Transformation

There is no real obstacle to create charming and stylish kitchen design in any situation. Whether you live in a high rise condominium, estate in suburbs, country cabin or cottage, coming up with a fabulous idea is the most difficult element will be finding the best solution for your tiny cooking space. Once you established a solid direction for your kitchen transformation, I suggest looking for, finding and asking a professional designer or interior architect to work on details. They should include beside general decor, backsplash and counter, your brand new vent hood and custom made kitchen sink. It can be farmhouse with decorative apron and at the same time simple drop-in or undermount. You can use for your wall range hood and the sink material such as hammered copper or zinc. In addition, we use other metals including wrought iron, stainless steel and pewter. Some buyers preferred talavera sinks combined with copper counter tops for their kitchen makeovers. And why not? At the end it is you home and you are going to live there for a long time to come.

Small Kitchen Furnishings

There is always a way to transform cramped space in to fully functional best-ever small kitchen. Use your imagination, check online catalogs such as GHTV and talk to us about having your small kitchen vision materialized. We will fabricate furniture, stove hood and kitchen sink the way your professional designer asks as to produce. Variables such as shape, patina color or type are no obstacles for us. In fact, we at Custom Made specialize in fabrication of home furnishings where each item is treated as a separate remodeling project. Rest assure, your order will be very unique not only from the design standpoint but also how it looks and performs.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Vintage Light Fixtures

Are you ready to light up your home interior with beautiful vintage light fixtures? Our vintage lighting is authentic and improved with up to date standards in electric wiring. They make a lasting and most definitely practical artistic illumination statement. Custom chandeliers, antique 1920s style hanging light fixtures and ceiling pendant lamps can be quickly produced in Mexico and shipped to the US market duty free. Some of them are furnished with glass globes in Victorian as well as Art Deco styling ornaments made of metal.

Buying Vintage Light Fixtures

On site you will find great ideas related to vintage light fixtures offered in different sizes and finishing. On all lamp detail pages use menu to select dimensions and color. You are presented with three different diameters while the height is proportional however not precisely defined. Metal part of the lighting fixture can be ordered in natural, black iron and rusted. When purchasing our Spanish style chandeliers keep in mind that they are genuine produced using best original antique lamp fixture designs from Europe recreated in Mexico by skilled iron artists. What color could be more appropriate for any rustic light fixtures like not naturally rusted iron? While browsing our beautiful antique lights department you will quickly distinguish the difference between Chinese mas production copies and amazing ironwork of hanging lights produced on individual basis by the artisan.

Vintage Iron Light Fixtures for Indoors

Custom Made brand vintage hardware collection features lighting fixtures for indoors and outside the house. In that case the lamps are attached to walls with forged iron brackets characteristic to the colonization period. Those are not only meant for illumination but are part of the architectural idea your house designer had in mind while developing building look. Both types are meant for creating a classic and elegant home. Some iron ceiling lights are equipped with colorful glass windows and colonial decorative elements. On the other hand indoor pendant light fixture show retro, hacienda and even industrial character. All depends on the variables you select from the options or instructions you send us for your made-to-order lamp. Once you add pressed glass shades covering light bulbs, the chandelier becomes one of a kind. In fact, all vintage light fixtures we produce are not carbon copies of each other. Each time the lamp fixture is produced it looks a little bid different.

custom made vintagle light fixtures

Custom Made Vintage Lamps and Hardware

Explore our vast collection of vintage, retro and industrial style lighting, and find your ideal lamp. Modify its design if you wish so it corresponds best with the existing room decor or develop the space around a large chandelier if you have a lot of space inside. We also carry stained and etched glass lighting pendants and leaded glass light fixtures. Complement the room with rustic decor made using old world designs and enjoy free shipping on eligible purchases.

Custom Made Sink for a Kitchen

Custom Made Sink for a Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Custom Options

Do you have a kitchen with any other than standard dimensions or out of ordinary design? Most likely, you will need a lot of personalized furnishings such as custom made kitchen sink, furniture, backsplash and counters. Why don't you consider ordering an undermount copper kitchen sink? Working with both metals there are no limitations what you can do shape, size and finishing. Copper sinks can be both hammered and smooth covered with a variety of patinas. An alternative is having the sinks manufactured hand polished to shiny look similar to the US penny or even electrolytically nickel-platted. The last sink treatment is quite expensive and can add a lot of cost to the final price. Occasionally, to save money on custom made metal sink were were requested to produce custom zinc kitchen sinks. They can be also hammered and look when new similar to the nickel covered sinks. The only obstacle is that in time they become duel getting some gray color what is typical to zinc so they need to be regularly cleaned. We believe the problem can be solved by spraying those kitchen sinks with transparent varnish to prevent discoloration. However, we did not yet made any deeper analyzes nor have data supporting such claim.

Designing a Kitchen having Custom Sink in Mind

You already spent a lot of money for contracting your interior designer or even an architect. Because of their training and professional intuition they characterize you approved the project and are ready to begin sourcing for products. Please keep in mind that people with unlimited imagination may produce extremely beautiful and at the same time expensive kitchen. Hopefully you already tone them down or have a big pocket what is not necessary required for all the items you are going to shop. Consider custom made kitchen farmhouse sinks handmade in Mexico. Due to the country low labor cost and overhead, products used for home improvement are quite affordable. In fact, ordering custom made is no different than buying available in-stock. Why? Most kitchen sinks from Mexico are undermount and fabricated after receiving the order so there is no added value just because the sink looks different in its shape or dimensions. The custom sink price is strictly based on amount of material needed for its production.

How to order Custom Kitchen Sinks

custom made copper kitchen sinks

Need more information about Custom Made product line including zinc or copper kitchen sinks? Please use our custom made order form. While filling up the questionnaire mention metal type you would like to be made of, size, finishing option and drawing or a photo of the existing design you would like to use for your custom made kitchen sink production.