Copper Soaking Tub

Copper Soaking Tub

There are two versions of a colonial copper soaking tub as far as I know. The soaking tub was meant for one or two persons. Differences between both copper tub styles are not that great but still important. A tub for one usually has a drain hole located on the bottom at one end. Larger tubs designed for two bathers will most often have the hole cutout right on the center. It makes using the bathtub much more convenient. In case of a single soaking copper tub, depending on the design one end wall might be taller than the one you would normally have your legs positioned. But as I said, it depends on the tub styling. Some of them are elevated on a decorative or plain base separating the soaking tub from the floor. It has its advantages and vice versa. It is much easier to place plumbing connections underneath and hide them from the view of anybody entering the bathroom. Such configuration may be important when installing the tub with a pedestal in American style somewhere in a middle of the room. Indeed, there are some soaking copper tub buyers who prefer to have a metal pipe connecting it to the house drain visible as they think it is cool looking. This kind of plumbing fixture connection is most often used in lofts and contemporary houses.

A benefit of double slipper copper soaking tub is having two occupants in mind characterizes either the same height all around the lip or what is more typical two end walls taller than the middle. It serves two purposes especially when the tub is placed on fixed stand which is usually more less four inches tall adding that to the tub height overall. Taller walls make more conformable for two people seat in it while the low section makes more accommodating to get in and get out of the soaking tub.

copper soaking tub

Regardless vessel sink or soaking tub design and shape, Custom Made buyers are presented with a number of useful options when looking at the tub on its detail product page. You select tub width and choose patina color finishing. You can also request special customizing the tub further by adding a useful over flow fixture made of copper and welded permanently to the tub using a special torch. Based on prior experience ti takes on average five weeks to fabricate a soaking tub from copper and ship to the US and Canada destinations.

Outdoor Dining Furniture from Mexico

Outdoor Dining Furniture from Mexico

Spring is the best moment to create an inviting and elegant spot for family reunions, to simply sit back and enjoy the surroundings of your exteriors and we are sure you will find suitable design within our metal collection of outdoor dining furniture. Outdoor furniture under Custom Made brand consists of two main categories. Those are aluminum cast furniture and the “equipal” dining sets. Both of those lines are inspired by comfortable, rustic but very chic Southern style. Our patio furniture designs embrace different flair such as Victorian, colonial, hacienda or Mexican one.

The dining tables and chairs are made of cherry wood in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The seating section is covered with thick pig skin painted red or dark brown occasionally called tobacco color. Our chairs are very simple but at the same time strong, making them applicable not only for a residential veranda but also for restaurants and bars in Southeastern style. The “equipal” collection of outdoor dining furniture from Mexico collection includes chairs, tables, bar stool, dining rooms sets for residential and commercial use. All of our seats from “equipal” furniture are barrel-shaped, lightweight and comfortable. An important feature of equipales is that the leather is customarily made from pigskin, not cowhide. There are no filler woods used in the leather parts and we still use the pigskin preferably because it allows air circulation and does not harden and crack the way bovine leather does.

decorative dining table

The other category for outdoor dining furniture is the collection of hand-made aluminum chairs and table sets produced with traditional techniques. The sand casting was known to man for thousands of years and used for producing kitchenware and other home improvement products. Most aluminum outdoor dining furniture includes four chairs and a round table. You can also find some models in a set for six diners. The surface is hand painted in a rustic manner using a few paints once over another creating a unique, vintage look. You can choose among five colors that will pair best with your outdoor settings but you can also customize your order and require different size or colors to create the perfect ambiance in your exteriors with a pop of colors and comfort that will invite anyone for relaxing leisure time. Although the main style of our veranda dining furniture from Mexico is quite rustic, being made of metal, gives you more freedom in mixing the vintage with modern decorating ideas. Those pieces of furniture are strong and will last for many years of cozy reunions and informal meals at your porch, in the garden or balcony.

Whether you choose a collection of outdoor dining furniture from Mexico in the “equipal” style or cast metal furnishing sets, you will create a very unique and stylish atmosphere in your porch and veranda area. Add some more Southern vibe with our bright and colorful Mexican tiles for your planters or wall decoration. You can get inspired with the stunning metal lightning ideas that you can also find at our web page.

Custom Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Custom Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Our company offers a vast range of hand forged wrought iron light fixtures, as well as custom lighting design services. Our collection includes many categories such as large wrought iron chandeliers, outdoor and indoor lamps and wall sconces. While the vast majority of our lightning is made of steel, we are also using metal sheeting for lamp shades to create unique decorative effects. Our old style light fixtures can be made of plane metal or hand-hammered and decorated with glass crystals. In the case of wrought iron fixtures, most of our designs are inspired by vintage designs from Europe and Latin America. Our knowledgeable staff and talented craftsmen have completed hundreds of standard and made-to-order projects according to our clients specifications. Whether you want to customize an existing chandeliers from our online hacienda light fixtures catalog or you want to combine concepts from a number of different interior lighting fixtures, our skilled craftsmen will bring your creative idea to life.

image of a wrought iron light fixture

Our bestselling product is a custom made black wrought iron chandelier, suitable for high ceilings and spacious entryways or in commercial use, in a hotel lobby or restaurants. Typically, these light fixtures are characterized by quality materials and finest craft and they look just stunning in any area of your home, adding an old-world flair and ultimate elegance to the existing layout. An wrought iron chandelier will make your entry hall, dining room or a hotel lobby look just superb. The elegant curves make them look quite vintage and rustic but you can also customize it in a much modern way, perfect for a contemporary light fixtures design.

custom wrought iron light fixture

However, even if you do not have a vast foyer at your home, you can still find beautifully crafted wrought iron light fixtures in more modest sizes. Incredible ceiling light fixture products and wall mount lamps, exterior patio furniture inducing lanterns and accessories are some of our stunning products in that category. Attention to detail is one of our principal values. We continue to exceed our customers expectations by developing our forged wrought iron light fixtures collection, adding the latest trends and at the same time, offering the best price for custom furnishings on the market. We are located in the central region of Mexico where metalwork is a long tradition among local artisans and the execution is much cheaper than in the USA.

Our company offers quality indoor wrought iron illumination products to individual clients, builders, designers, and architects. We specialize in custom made light fixtures. Some of our decorative lamps have glass domes and others exposed light bulbs imitating candles. We offer our buyer a variety of options that can be selected on each light fixtures detail page such as different diameter and colors. The lamp style can be modified as well if our clients provide information about changes concerning its shape or size. The whole idea can be customized with different designing elements, such as the number of lights, tiers in a chandelier changed to the customer’s needs. Providing truly authentic kitchen hand forged wrought iron light fixtures and custom metal range hoods, each of our products combines the highest quality materials with traditional wrought iron techniques that require sophisticated and arduous work.

Custom Wall Zinc Range Hood

Custom Wall Zinc Range Hood

Take a look at this beautiful wall mount zinc range hood custom made for one of our clients. It was made of natural color metal that was latter hand polished. This range hood is equipped with economy ventilation equipment made in Mexico by one of European manufacturers. The hood insert has 200 CFM fan, two light bulbs and a removable filter. The ventilator has two speeds and it moves air outside the house. We can also custom produce this zinc range hood as recalculating back to kitchen. As in case of all Custom Made metal range hoods, this zinc hood can be supplied for central island as well. The version differs too some degree from the unit shown on the post image. It has all four walls made the same way so it looks same all around. Other difference between both models is that wall mount range hood exhaust pipe can go through wall or ceiling while island style can push air towards the ceiling only.

custom made zinc range hood for kitchen wall installation

Average custom wall zinc range hood production time frame is fourteen days. Shipping from our factory to the buyer's home takes more less another two weeks. Stove hood shown on the photograph was produced 36 inches wide, 42 tall and 24 deep taking measurement from front to back.


custom zinc range hood

Custom Made Bathroom Sinks

Custom Made Bathroom Sinks

When shopping in Mexico for a bathroom sink from copper you will be presented on custom made site with various options. First of all, you need to decide about your decorative bathroom sink material. We work with zinc, copper and talavera. There are a number of ceramic sink sizes and shapes. You can decide to be square, rectangular, oval or round. The same applies to metal bathroom sinks. While custom bathroom sinks can be hand painted in all possible colors and patterns, they are made using molds. It means you will not be able to order a custom sink in made to order dimensions.

custom copper bathroom sinks

The situation is different in case of copper bathroom sinks. You can buy a standard type or request production of bathroom sink according to your bathroom requirements. This applies to both shape and color finishing. For Mexican hand painted sinks made of ceramics all possible designs are available, your own or one of hundreds presented on our site. Note that all handmade bathroom sinks can be supplied as vessel sinks or drop-in. The last version is often used for undermount zinc bath counter installation providing sink lip is flat. Some models come with drain back tubes, others you can request their installation which is always good idea.

To assure no water is going to over flow on the bathroom floor. For all custom made bathroom sinks use our made-to-order home improvement page for ordering all bathroom furnishings while specifying material, color finish, shape and other useful information you may consider important prior to beginning manufacturing. Decorating a bathroom with a Mexican copper sinks purchased in our store is a great idea. They are offered with the best industry price and free delivery to continental USA.

Copper Bathtub Benefits

Copper Bathtub Benefits

Who would not dream about a long relaxing soak benefit in a comfortable traditional copper bathtub? It could be a free-standing double-slipper bathtub or a smaller sized but the effect is exactly the same. You would feel like in an exclusive home spa. Not many people know, but a clawfoot copper bathtub have countless benefits apart from the aesthetic. Actually, there are a lot of myths existing such as difficult maintenance or high price. However, the truth is quite the opposite. The fact is that custom copper bathtubs require no maintenance. High-quality metal, like the one we are using in our production, virtually takes care of itself. To help maintain your  coppersmith bathtub with a base, rinse with water and dry completely after each use to prevent spotting. Not to mention it is the most hygienic metal of all. The surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This means that bacteria literally cannot live on the surface. Another advantage of using this incredibly bright and exclusive material for bathroom sinks and tubs what our customer reviews suggest.

soaking copper bathtub benefits

Another soaking copper bathtub benefits that few people knows about is that it retains the water temperature much better than fiberglass. Great news for all of us who love spending “hours” in a bath as it means that you don’t have to add further water if you wish to have a long soak, which is better both in terms of the environment and also for your water and energy bills. There are some more obvious advantages and one of them is its durability. A hand hammered copper is incredibly durable. Any bathroom hardware made of this metal will add a bold statement to your bathroom. It is one of the best material for manufacturing bathtubs, bathroom sinks and shower stalls. While they are not that cheap with constantly changing prices due to raw material price fluctuations on world markets, Mexican copper bathtub benefit is that is a guaranteed long-term investment. Its strength and resilience mean that they will last a long time, and also be harder to damage or scratch, especially when compared to an acrylic bath. Apart from increasing your property value, a soaking copper bathtub creates unique character usually associated with luxurious bathrooms.

As far as the benefits of a hacienda copper bathtub aesthetics, it has a unique characteristic known as a living finish. When left untreated, it interacts with the environment will start to deepen in color and tone over time. When copper begins, it is a pinkish hue that will gradually darken the color as it passes through tan and coffee browns until it finally stops at a deep, rich tone. Both free-standing and custom drop-in copper bathtub is handmade in few places in the world like India, Pakistan, China and Mexico. The bathtub production involves hammering metal into the desired shape often in desired size and with a made to order design. It can be used for any style of home. Whether your preference is a country feel, Spanish hacienda or modern type bathtub, you cannot go wrong when buying a copper bathtub from Custom Made.