Custom Iron Range Hoods

Custom Iron Range Hoods

Ideal for industrial decor, a custom iron range hood ventilates cooking odors efficiently but first of all, adds a lot of style in any kitchen. Discover a brand new line of custom range hoods made of wrought iron and let yourself go for some of the most amazing designs in metalcraft, manufactured with great experience and passion for handmade appliances and furniture.

Without any doubt, an iron range hood will become a central point in your kitchen design. Wrought iron hoods with molding and straps are one of the most popular products among kitchen appliances sold by our company. Many satisfied clients have discovered and appreciated the charm of the industrial flair of these type of extractors. Handmade in natural-metal color or rusted for a more rustic effect, custom range hoods are often installed in lofts and ultra-modern kitchens adding more rustic and industrial look at the same time.

Rustic style embraces a mix and match of old and new, modern and traditional and is a perfect décor to include sturdy and earthly elements such as stone, wood and all kind of metals. Therefore, designing your custom range hood for your rustic kitchen gives you the freedom to create the most suitable ambience. The custom made iron range hoods for wall and island can display more of a farmhouse style, especially with the right finishing.

However, custom iron range hoods are especially compatible with contemporary, loft-style kitchens which come both in an island and wall mounted version. The grey-bluish hue of natural iron brings a lot of glow and simplicity to the interiors. For a modern look, opt for a custom-made iron hood with smooth forms and polished finishing that matches perfectly with open-concept, minimalist kitchens. The domestic use vent hoods clean, effortless lines will help the entire kitchen feel like a professional chef's oasis. The integrity and clarity in forms make the wrought iron naturally beautiful color to be noticeable and appreciated.

made-to-order iron range hood in a kitchen

All of our custom iron hoods can be used for electric and gas ranges in residential as well as commercial kitchens. Forged iron range hoods are available in various standard sizes but if you are looking for some specific measurements send us your requirements adding the metal finishing of your choice and we will be happy to give you a personalized quote on that. We can imagine that some ceilings are higher than others and having an opportunity to take advantage of this space you would like to find a taller hood. Some of us, have a more modest kitchen and are desperately looking for slimmer models. We`ve got you covered. We have a great experience in producing all sorts of custom product designs in iron range hoods so your dream kitchen is just a click away from you!

Decorative Tiles for a Bathroom

Decorative Tiles for a Bathroom

Create a unique Southern vibe with our terracotta decorative tiles for a bathroom. You can build up unusual artful effects by installing our Mexican tiles, adding a sink or the whole toilet set, ornamented with handmade ceramic. Therefore, your possibilities for a quick and reasonably priced makeover in your bath are limitless. Spanish decorative tiles for the bathroom are painted in our workshop in San Miguel de Allende, in the central region of Mexico, so the designs we are manufacturing are heavily influenced by this bright, vivid and intense country. You can feel the spirit of all of the cultures that shaped Mexican heritage, mostly Spanish and prehispanic, in each of the tiles. The relief decorative bathroom tiles are colorful with contrasting tones, adopting folkloric and more contemporary patterns. Offering dozens of motives, you have an option to use a mix of patterns or plain color in your home improvement projects.

You can use them as the main theme or as the accent to furnishings or embellishing element. Being a really easy material to install you can imagine many areas where they can become a focal point. The walls are perhaps the most popular space but handcrafted Mexican tiles are suitable to decorate your bathroom counters, shelves and as a frame for your mirrors as well. Start your design by thinking about how your chosen decorative tiles for a bathroom will work with the rest of the existing design, taking into account the size of the room, color choices and bathroom accessories.

decorative ceramic tiles in a bathroom

Do you want to tile large walls or just a specific area? With the right planning, you can add the finishing effect in your bathroom and create an amazing style. Check out our collection of wall tiles for a bathroom to spice up and brighten up that space.Innovative idea for Mexican tiles is using them as rustic accents. They are a perfect addition to vintage and one-of-a-kind look. Your farmhouse décor will upgrade with even a small dose of those colorful mosaics. If you are not afraid of adding many contrasting hues, you can consider creating a combination of hacienda Mexican tiles with a similar ceramic lavatory fixtures. On the other hand, those bright and cheerful patterns inject a farmhouse flavor into a contemporary room breaking up the whiteness and simplicity of the majority of bathrooms.

Terracotta decorative tiles for a bathroom provide a long-lasting wall finishing with no maintenance besides occasional cleaning which is good for rooms that are used daily. Since they are glazed they can be used in humid areas such as bathroom backsplash and shower mosaic walls and you only need some soap and a cloth to clean the area.

Supplying Metal Stove Hoods for Kitchen

Supplying Metal Stove Hoods for Kitchen

Range hood installation is the most common tasks when it comes to small kitchen remodeling. We all need an appliance that ventilates the unneeded smells out of your home. As a result, it is imperative to know how to go about selecting the perfect metal stove hood for your dream kitchen. When you want to select the perfect metal range hood, it is first and foremost important to have an idea of the various options and styles that are available on the market.

When you are designing your new kitchen, you want to bring the best materials and appliances. After all, this is the area that will be visited and used daily. You will be in a market for unique and stylish solutions too. Today a hood extractor can not only pair with the rest of decor but it can actually upgrade it and redefine it! A hand-hammered and custom made metal stove hood for a kitchen is the best option for those of homeowners looking for a perfect match, and that is a kind of product that we offer. Our collection of stove hoods consists of thousands of designs made of high-quality metals such as copper, zinc or iron. We are confident that you will find the one that will improve the hood appearance of your kitchen and at the same time, the general functions performed in the kitchen. In other words, an ideal range hood that is as beautiful as functional. Additionally, each of our products can be supplied with custom finishing specific for the metal and size best suited for your home improvement project.

metal stove hood installed in a kitchen

Nowadays, we have two main streams in the kitchen interior design which we could sum up as modern and rustic. Even though there are a lot of minimalists around us, a farmhouse style is still very trendy and a hacienda type copper range hood with some extra ornamentation will be simply exceptional in your rustic kitchen. Browse our Colonial stove hoods and let your imagination flow. Which of them will suit your decor? Which patina option will enhance the best the surroundings and where to install the stove with its have to analyze that thoroughly.

We are offering a wall and kitchen island range hoods. Do you want your extractor to stand out from the renaming cabinets and counters design? Then, definitely using a metal hood will help you with that. A metallic tone, the textures you can achieve by adding our handmade products will make a great difference in your kitchen. We sell custom stove hoods in patina finishing that might give them more of a rustic, distressed vibe or, on the contrary, turn them into a modern and sleek appliance. It is, obviously, easier to make your brand new stove hood noticeable if it is in island version. The kitchen island is meant to create an impact, and its design must make a statement, including the hood. Therefore, consider adding warm and goldish tones of the copper or glowing hues of polished iron or zinc of our metal stove hoods. We cannot foresee your taste but what we are aware of is that the products that we supply will work efficiently and will upgrade the look of your kitchens.

Copper Bathtub Patina Options

Copper Bathtub Patina Options

A custom copper bathtub patina finishing has always had an antique charm that gives the room a timeless and stylish character. The bronze patina tone of this graceful material as a centerpiece in a bathroom of any style. Whether you live in a rural farmhouse or a metropolitan penthouse, you will find the rustic copper bathtub that will set the style for the interior design. To make things easier, while purchasing a modern or country style hammered copper bathtub you are given the possibility to choose the patina color that goes smoothly with remaining furnishings and accessories. This large vanity draws the eye so completely that the rest of the bathroom's decorations and design should complement it, rather than stealing its spotlight. If you already have an idea for the decor in your remodeled bathroom, consider to buy from our collection of slipper copper bathtubs and later in the side menu for the patina finishing. Once you are confident on the design of your tub you can add some accessories and let your beautiful and lavish bathtub be your compass. Remember about the color and texture of it and try to find elements that will boost its beauty as opposed to detracting it.

copper bathtub patina options

Regardless of the copper bathtub benefits, you can make it look more contemporary or traditional. At our shop, we offer copper tubs made in light, dark, natural, oxidized and polished version. In some instances the bathtub side can be covered with a different finish, eg. darker outside and lighter or polished inside. Also, hammering can be round or irregular making it looking antique. If you evaluate all the variants you can come up with the best custom finishing solution for your dream bathroom. The advantage of the patina soaking copper bathtub is that its surface is ideal at capturing and reflecting light in darker spaces. Opting for lighter patina and have it polished can help you to brighten up a gloomy ambiance. Actually, the aesthetic of this metal is so versatile that a Mexican copper bathtub patina finishing seems elegant and contemporary, vintage and new. Therefore, with some small adjustments, the same bathroom bathtub that seemed kind of vintage or antique, can become the most modern appliance, adding an edgy appeal but still bringing a warm welcome.

Think of the shape and size you need. Do you have enough space for a double slipper bathtub or perhaps you might want to a round tub, just ideal for a one-man spa? We are offering some of the made-to-order bathtubs with extra ornaments such as rings or a clawfoot tub. The devil lies in the details so you should analyze all those aspects before clicking on the buy button. Renovate your bathroom around the antique copper bathtub and treat every bathing time like a ritual! However, have in mind that the production of the patina copper tubs is time-consuming. Be prepared to wait at least four weeks for delivery.

Custom Copper Kitchen Sinks

Custom Copper Kitchen Sinks

When looking for upgrading your home, most of the homeowners start with the kitchen. You might still be sleeping on a mattress but you want to have a glamorous and comfy place to cook and have your dinners. Now, that you are investing in a small home makeover, you should consider adding long-term value to your property and that is guaranteed with custom copper kitchen sinks that bring sophistication and functionality. What is so appealing about custom copper sinks is that they are very versatile element pairing perfectly with traditional spaces and ultramodern kitchens. With many years of experience in creating custom home appliances and decorations, we have a wide range of options available for any kitchen layouts and styles. Adding an apron copper sink to your home starts by exploring ideas. Copper kitchen sinks are sold on our site in two main versions. Undermount or drop-in copper sinks are made for those of us who are looking for functional and easy to maintain solutions. They are a great help if you wish to install new copper sink by using the existing countertop or cabinetry situation. Just calculate the measurements you need and sens us a personalized request. The undermount custom sinks are placed beneath the counters, making it a flawless integration into your cook and prep space.

custom copper sink with an apron installed in a kitchen

If your intention is to show off your made-to-order kitchen copper sink and make it a masterstroke of your home transformation, you will be interested in the second category of custom copper sinks which are the apron type that has their front exposed. Choosing the right custom apron sink while renovating can set the style to the rest of your kitchen layout. That type of appliances are normally associated with a rustic style, popularly named as farmhouse sinks, however, they look exceptionally in a transitional design as well, mixing the timeless charm and modern ergonomics. Kitchen sinks with apron front can be mounted as drop-in or undermount. They present themselves very attractive below traditional range hoods. In both cases, the front panel is your chance to stand out from the crowd. There are numerous, creative ways of decorating it. You can have your sink hammered with two different metals, or distinctive sink patina finishes. We can produce wonderful scroll panels with punched designs or leave it simple and clean as a polished surface. Custom copper sinks come in all shapes, seizes and patina color. The only limit is your imagination while upgrading the kitchen so think of your dream kitchen design and browse our stunning collection of copper sinks.

Best Insert for a Custom Metal Range Hood

Best Insert for a Custom Metal Range Hood

Selecting new, stunning range hood for the kitchen is pure joy. You just go for the one that suits your taste and your home necessities. However, when it comes to the inserts or ventilation system for your kitchen, the choice is not so clear nor evident. Which insert is best for a customized metal range hood? Let's see.

metal range hood insert

A hood insert is a ventilation unit that fits inside a custom range hood cabinet, allowing you to choose exactly what your kitchen ventilation looks like. It is the active part of the metal range hood, which provides ventilation to control smoke, odors and cooking grease. As beautiful as a metal range hood as it can be if it does not have an effective insert, it is just a sizeable decoration. We want it to be both, a stunning designing element that sets your kitchen's style and amazing appliance that gets rid of all the unwelcome smells. Our metal range hood, whether it is zinc or copper appliance, have an insert installed free of charge. It is the ventilation equipment in an economy version from the top of the line of the German manufacturer, Teka. Each insert is equipped with two speed 200 CFM fan, lights and washable filters.

custom metal range hood with an insert

You may ask, what should I do if I need a piece of larger capacity equipment? No problem, we will customize your range hood interior for any brand. The only information we need is your linear model number. Please keep in mind the insert width needs to be a few inches smaller than your custom metal range hood itself. Most often we receive a request for making our hoods ready for Broan and Vent-a-Hood products among other US-based manufacturers. We do not endorse those suppliers but they are most often chosen by our clients. Nearly all residential range hoods can be installed as recirculating or vented. Consult the installation instructions; or with the fan OFF, remove the filter and look for “knock-out” spots. These are rectangular or circular panels that can be removed to allow for a duct to be attached above or behind the hood. If you are converting an existing recirculating range hood to be vented, the recirculating exhaust location will need to be closed. The location is typically at forehead height. Instead of air blowing out at your forehead, it needs to be sent through the newly installed vent to the outside.