Made-to-order Kitchen Metal Range Hoods

Made-to-order Kitchen Metal Range Hoods

You want your metal range hoods to become a bold statement in your kitchen, but the standard product do not make your heart beat faster? We have a solution for you. Our company bestselling products are metal vent hoods that can be customized on many levels_ material, shape, size and finishing. Therefore, made-to-order metal range hoods for a kitchen are a great idea for those who are looking for something authentic and do not want to settle for a standard and common design. Buying an appliance of this size and importance, you would like to choose a style you love and that is suitable for the rest of the kitchen decoration. Custom zinc range hoods can be made of a variety of materials. As far as production plant concerns, we manufacture copper, zinc and iron range hoods in standard and custom dimensions. Some designs include more than one metal. Whether it is a wall-mount or island, all of our appliance designs are offered in both versions. Occasionally, we are asked to fabricate custom metal kitchen hoods to accommodate it for a high ceiling kitchen. It can be done by producing a whole new custom range hoods that would be longer than usual size or we can also add a chimney to the existing appliance.

There are many things to consider while picking your perfect made-to-order metal range hoods. The most important is the homeowner’s taste. Our company offers a grand variety of style so, in consequence, you will find for sure an ideal focal point to your kitchen outlet. Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, personalized metal vent hoods can be mounted on a wall, incorporated between the kitchen cabinets or suspended from the ceiling over the kitchen island.

custom kitchen metal range hoods

Naturally, you will want us to supply stove hoods that suits to perfection the style of your kitchen and that transmits the spirit of your home. Check out different patina colors available in our made-to-order process. Techniques like a hammered or polished finish, the material choice such as stainless steel or antique copper are some of our recommendations. If your kitchen presents a modern design, you could add stainless steel or a polished copper with cleaner and more elementary forms. It will brighten the space and give a very contemporary and unconventional flair to the overall. If you have a more classical taste, look for a rustic and farmhouse vibes in our collection of metal range hoods.  A mix of metals will add a vintage flair to it and if you order it with a molded, ornamented crown, you will get an old European style hoods. A fired and darker patina options will give more traditional and rustic flair to your brand new hood covers. As you can see the options are almost endless and we are sure that we can help you to get your ideal kitchen exhaust product. Production of most made-to-order metal range hoods takes five weeks including shipping to the US mainland, Mexico and Canada.

Custom Range Hoods

Custom Range Hoods

You know that feeling that you enter into a freshly renew kitchen and something is missing for this elegant and sophisticated effect you were expecting. Custom range hoods from metal are an exceptional way to add a personal touch to any kitchen. Being able to in some way co-design a metal range hoods with us gives you the opportunity to incorporate just the right appliance. We are an experienced manufacturer of custom range hoods in a variety of metals such as zinc, copper, iron or pewter. All of those materials have some incredible properties that you should take into consideration. They have a specific style. Zinc range hoods are produced as hammered or smooth. They can be treated with made-to-order metal patinas. Both of them can be hand polished as well to give this bright and spotless look. Custom tin and iron range hoods come in the rustic involving sanding with fine sandpaper and then darkened, untreated or naturally oxidized. Some of the designs are aged, others contemporary. Custom zinc range hoods are supplied with dark or natural metallic color.

custom range hood made of metal in a kitchen

Pewter which is in reality pure aluminum comes with options such as smooth, hammered, mat and high glass. All of the custom range hood design regardless of the material they are made of, can be wall mount or installed for a kitchen central island. The latter is attached to the ceiling only and it is where the venting system should go. Our custom copper range hoods can be designed with many finishing which can change drastically, adding to it vintage character. The decision depends on which style you want your new kitchen to be. Although we specialize in Southern decorative elements and furnishings influenced by Mexican hacienda tiles, we can produce your custom vent hood in a different shapes and finishing. We can use iron stripes giving the hood modern appearance. Or as seen on the image above, using smooth copper with hammered straps that are slightly darker some rustic flavor.

The choice of finishing patina should be based entirely on the buyer and kitchen existing decor such as color of the floor, and walls. All our custom range hoods metal can be converted into recalculating air to the room. You need to send a follow-up email indicating if your house has or not, duct leading to the outside so in case it does not, it has to be redirected after passing through the hoods insert filters. However, do not worry as even the best custom range hood from metal can be produced venting outside the house or recalculating back to the kitchen. Custom production and hood delivery are estimated for four weeks to any region of the US mainland, more or less six to Canada.

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Are you DIY admirer and you happen to love Mexican tiles to be used with your next mosaic home improvement projects? You will want for sure to purchase some broken tiles. Mosaic tile decorating is interesting and very imaginative way add beauty to your home interiors or garden. They can be handcrafted of anything that can be split into pieces and glued or cemented together. In our case, we offer beautiful and made by artisans from Dolores Hidalgo broken Mexican tiles. The Internet has a bunch of ideas that you can use and create incredible artwork in all areas of your home. Well, to begin with, you need to get an idea in your head of what kind of mosaic decoration you would like to create and where would it be installed. Let's begin with the basics.

Ceramic Tiles History

Handcrafted ceramic tile has a long tradition in Latina America continent history and important cultural heritage in Mexico. The practice of creating them began in the late sixteenth century. Talavera ceramic tiles have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in Spanish architecture. We are going to give you an idea of how important it was as they can be found in a  broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes, municipal offices and churches from the past. Hopefully, you can get the idea for your own broken tiles designs.

broken ceramic tiles

Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles offer a long-lasting wall surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install relief Mexican tiles in virtually any area of kitchen or bathroom you want to enjoy their warm and beauty. The only limitations for broken tiles application would be outdoors with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of handmade ceramic tiles.

broken mexican tiles for mosaics

Mosaic Tile Projects

Plan or pattern mosaic tile will add a Southern flavor to the area you are remodelling, proving the joy and brightness of this culturally rich country. The broken Mexican tiles can be used in so many designing projects. Among them decorating bathroom counters and building mosaic tile bathtubs. You can create with them incalculable decorative ideas in both indoors and patio. One of the most popular solutions is to use broken tiles to create the table-tops inspired by Southern warmth patterns incorporated to your living room or veranda walls, floors and furniture. You can make planters from mosaic tile, tile-topped stepping stones, broken tiles tables, chairs and even pieces of art at the bottom of the seeming pool. imagine using broken tiles to decorate mirror frames or to do a tray or simply a coaster. As a part of a bigger renovation, these cheerful ceramics can be applied on the kitchen counters and backsplash. Hand-painted ceramics will go great with pretty much any style as you can choose among colors so just let your imagination flow and start your own Mexican broken tiles project. Once finished, send us a few photographs of your custom made accent decor so we can post them on our site and blog to inspire other decorators, homeowners and designers.

Mexican Copper Range Hood

Mexican Copper Range Hood

Hammered Copper Range Hoods

Our professional staff continues the amazing tradition of Mexican copper range hood hammered metalwork bringing it to another style level. By incorporating precision and a unique technique, we are able to manufacture a copper range hood for a kitchen as one of a kind works of art. Mexico has distinguished itself for the metalwork a long time before the Spanish came to change the future of this incredible country. While they focused on mining gold and silver and shipping those precise metals to Spain, the copper became quickly the most popular Mexican metal to produce domestic items such as pots and pans that you can still find being sold on the local markets all over the country. Nowadays, the center of the traditional copper kitchen hood work in Mexico is based in the state of Michoacan and this is where our workshop was established in 2002.

photo of mexican copper range hood hammered in a kitchen

Copper Range Hood Designs

During those years we have designs thousands of Mexican copper range hood designs that will satisfy the most exquisite taste. If you adore a rustic style you have to check out the collection that is strongly influenced by Spanish or Colonial touch of Mexico. We also offer the most contemporary solutions for kitchen extractors. An appliance of such importance adds the final flair to the style you have chosen. By choosing the right patina it can either inject a Southern vibe or, on the other hand, transform your kitchen into a vanguard space. Imagine a rich mix of all-white wall and a spacious copper range hood placed in the central area of the room. They are a perfect choice for a restaurant open concept where all your guests could see the beauty of this appliance.

Restaurant Copper Range Hoods from Mexico

For the commercial use, you would probably require a high ceiling range hood so once you choose the hood tall design from our online collection you can send us an email with specific sizes and we will customize it for you. Mexican copper range hood can be produced as wall mount version, under-cabinet or island. Prior to buying decision which restaurant range hood you order in Mexico as custom made, you should know where the oven will go and then measure the space for your new extractor.  You should already come up with the general designing idea of your remodeled kitchen.

Copper Hood Finishing Options

Do you want to create a country feeling option or perhaps you keep it simple and modern? As soon as the decisions are made, pick the style you love and bear in mind that Mexican range hoods are offered with four patina choices: dark coffee, honey, antique and natural rustic metal. We can custom polish copper adding some modern element to otherwise a vintage-looking home appliance. Your Mexican copper range hood hammered by hand in distressed pattern can become a central point of your kitchen with statement metal or you can let it blend under cabinet, or even leave the metal chimney exposed for a clean industrial look. Whatever you buy, a new vent hood will upgrade your interiors and will add the elegance and style you need.

Custom Made Home Improvement Projects

Custom Made Home Improvement Projects

We all know that to create this unique and glamorous appearance you are dreaming about, you need to the professionals and we are here to help you with your custom made home improvement projects. Occasionally, our clients request made-to-order kitchen appliances, household furnishings and handmade ceramic tiles for their personalized home improvement. Brand new wrought iron hammered and wrought iron kitchen hood designs by their interior project architects and forwarded to us for their production taking advantage of low production costs. Since our facility is located in Mexico it offers great savings in manufacturing and that impacts positively on any large or small custom home improvement project. Even though the products have to be sent to the USA, Canada or Europe, the price is still incomparable.

custom home improvement project

However, it is not only the price that makes us stands out from the crowd of appliances and furnishing producers. Thousands of happy customers are confirming that we also creating high-quality products, back up by excellent service. Each new custom made order, our company is in close contact with the customer to make sure that we are able to recreate to perfection the idea for a new home improvement project. We work with all kind of metal, wood, Cantera stone and offer free shipping to the USA mainland. Other destinations may carry additional freight cost. The best demand in case of our factory are custom metal range hoods, iron mirror frames and Mexican patio furniture.

Our company specializes in rustic decor for kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms for  years. Whether you are considering your bathroom, kitchen, foyer or patio we supply a wide range of custom home improvement products, and renovation needs. From antique zinc range hoods, copper dining tables to aluminum cast furniture for your outdoor garden, all our furnishings are handcrafted in Mexico. Most of them can be customized as far as size, color and finishing concerns. Once you have decided on the general layout and style of your custom home improvement project, is when we come to assist you in offering the quality, elegant and functional items. You can start to look for those powerful statement pieces such as designer range hoods, Talavera tiles for walls or your kitchen backsplash and apron sinks. As for the outdoors, we produce rustic dining sets, Stone decorating accents, fountains and hand painted talavera planters and many more products from Mexico.

While working on your bathroom upgrading project, there are so much modern or rustic objects you can buy in our online store and ask for customization. Think about beautifully designed Colonial master bathroom with antique copper sinks, Mexican tiles decorated mirror and the queen the free-standing double slipper bathtub, produced form the highest-quality tin metal. It will catch en eye of everyone. Ad some extra decorative elements such as adequate lightning fixtures, handmade bathroom accessories and voila, your customized bathroom is ready. Using our internet discount home hardware product outlet, you will redecorate all areas of your house or condominium apartment, regardless it is a spacious Hacienda or a loft in a city. With us, you can sit, relax and wait for the final result of your custom made home improvement project that will be undertaken just the way you wanted.

Custom Made Iron Chandeliers

Custom Made Iron Chandeliers

Bring some fine living to your home with our original custom made iron chandelier. We design and handcraft lighting fixture with the rich and authentic look by employing solid metals. The hand forged products stands out from the crowd of mass production. Affordable but not lasting. While upgrading interiors you want sophisticated and timeless stuff that will convert the spaces into the luxurious charming area. That is why you should consider installing if you have a large home one of our custom made chandeliers. When you are buying this type of lightning you probably imagine oversized dining room and supper high ceilings anyway.

picture of a custom made iron chandelier in a living room area

However, that is not a case. You do not need to own a castle in order to accommodate refined rustic lightning fixtures. We manufacture our iron chandeliers in Mexico which influence in old Spanish Hacienda style that many of them have but if you have brows our online outlet, you will soon discover the broad selection of inspired in black iron chandeliers, country and minimalist design. Although pendant lightning of such importance is normally seen in the dining area why not introduce it in a kitchen or a bathroom. Yes, it is not your first guess but just think about it. Every piece of furniture in a kitchen is chosen with a utilitarian mindset: durable counters, practical shelves, long-lasting colonial chandeliers. You deserve at least element you can have fun and creativity with. The same applies to a bathroom.

A hanging pendant lamp adds charm and intimacy to the upgraded area. Available in a variety of styles, these Spanish chandeliers turn the room into a vintage affair, European salon or industrial loft, depending on the style of your forged iron chandelier itself. Besides a designing decision, planning the light's position in relation to other elements is important. You would like your new custom iron chandelier to be the central part of your renovated room. There are plenty of hacienda chandeliers available in our unique home improvement product store that our customers can personalize by using product detail page options. They include size which relates mostly to its diameter but you can also change the finishing of the metal. We offer our hand made iron chandeliers in black color, natural and rusted colors. Evaluate as well some changes in the design elements such as the number of lights and tiers.