Decorative High Relief Tiles

Decorative High Relief Tiles

Recently we can observe a revival of interior designs emanating from countries where tiles are integral to the architecture and vibrant culture. Mexico, without a doubt, is one of them. The richly colored motifs of handcrafted Talavera tiles are brought to the level of fine arts with decorative high relief tiles. Those vivid and sophisticated tiles are small but evocative and can be combined together in many ways to create alluring patchwork designing setups in any area of your house or apartment.

If you are fond of the richness and flamboyant feel of the Mexican architecture, definitely, you will want to introduce decorative high relief tiles into your remodelling projects. Some of the most striking examples of public art in Colonial cities around Mexico explore the medium of Talavera tiles in all its forms from simple wall tiles, large and spectacular wall tile murals and most lavish high relief tiles. The raised relief pattern boosts the captivating appearance of a ceramic tile. Bring life and color with a bold statement of handcrafted ceramic relief tiles that will transform an ordinary room into a vibrant and colorful state-of-art space. What makes those relief tiles so special- you might ask. All Talavera tiles have a unique texture of a handmade product that enclose a rustic feel and small variations in color or shape of the pattern. However, this adds additional value to our handcrafted Mexican tiles as many of us prefer an artisan work rather than a perfect copy from an assembly line. In the case of Mexican tiles with relief, there are seen as even bigger assets due to their amazing three-dimensional motifs.


high relief tiles


How do we elaborate our decorative high relief tiles? The process involves a unique painting technique and it is more complex than producing normal Talavera tiles. Our experienced local artisans use an ancient relief technique that involves creating raised, three-dimensional elements that remain attached to a two-dimensional background of the same material, resulting in sculpted motifs that are raised from the surface. The craftsman, instead of using a traditional brash, is squeezing a small bottle with paint pouring it on the tile surface which was earlier designed with a hand drawing. Applying various colors the painter is leaving a substantial amount of paint, elevating particular elements from the background of the design. Once ceramic tiles are fired, the surface becomes very hard and the tile pattern can be easily distinguished not only by colors but especially by the raised relief pattern. The effect is mesmerizing and you can discover the whole collection of decorative high relief tiles at our online store.The application ideas are endless from adding kitchen ceramic tiles to your kitchen backsplash to decorating your doorway with Mexican, colorful tiles.

Kitchen Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen Ceramic Tiles

How can you transform a dull kitchen into a state-of-art, artistic space? You can of course invest in lavish and often overpriced kitchen cabinets and appliances. Or, on the other hand, add kitchen ceramic tiles which is a very affordable investment that will change completely the look of your cooking area. Installing Mexican tiles and tile murals are the simplest and quickest ideas to upgrade and spice up any area of your home in both interiors as exteriors.

painted kitchen ceramic tiles for a backsplash

Our Mexican tiles are handcrafted in the state of Guanajuato, famous for the production of unique craft, including traditional tiles. Our kitchen ceramic tiles represent the Mexican style of tile painting. The authentic Mexican style tiles are called often Talavera tiles. Their origin dates back to the 16th century when Mexico was under the colonial rule of Spain. You can, therefore, expect a rich mixture of Spanish, Portugues, Moorish and of course, Mexican cultures. From colorful, Mexican skulls, white and blue flowery patterns straight from Lisbon and harmonious, geometrical designs, our customers will be able to find the perfect tile for any style home. Our online collection of kitchen ceramic tiles have several, interesting categories to help our clients choose the ideal material for their remodelling projects. Firstly, you can choose between solid and patterned ceramic tiles. This saves you a little bit of time in scrolling between thousands of Mexican tiles and high-relief tiles models. Moreover, you have separated category for border tiles which are special patterned tiles used to highlight the wall or counters with a beautiful glazed finish. For constructors and interior designers, we have prepared a great deal that consists of Mexican tiles sold in lots. We prepare larger quantities of our hand-painted tiles from Mexico that match either in color or pattern so you do not have to worry about spending hours in front of the computer picking each tile model.

Why should you choose our kitchen ceramic tiles? Those products are made of ceramic covered with glaze to protect their surface against acidic foods and aggressive cleaning products. Kitchen is normally the area of the house that most suffers from our daily cooking activities. You want to protect the counters, backsplashes, tabletops and cabinets from getting way and stained. Our painted Talavera tiles can be used in "semi-wet" situations like around the kitchen sink or backsplashes. Their maintenance is super easy and you will only need a wet cloth with soap to erase most of the dirt.

Decorating the Doorway with Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Decorating the Doorway with Mexican Ceramic Tiles

The painted Talavera tiles are in fashion and most importantly they are no longer exclusively used in the kitchen or bathroom. From complex and vivid Southern patterns to simpler, plain colored type, Mexican ceramic tiles are one of the favorite solutions for decorating the doorway with an unusual, chic and rustic style.

Mexican tiles decorating house doorway

Your lobby should transmit a welcoming, warm message and also it is a teaser of what your guest can see in the rest of your home. If you want to create a Southern feel in your residency or apartment, consider installing our Mexican, ceramic tiles on one of the walls of your doorway. Choose the wall you want to highlight and create an artistic area with one of our stunning Talavera patterns or perhaps mix several designs in one, unconventional patchwork piece. From simple tile to even more effective high relief tiles to Mexican tile murals, choose the option that goes better with the style of your home. All of our ceramic products are of great quality and will be a durable, stunning solution for a quick and effective makeover. As the hallway is the area that bridges the exteriors with interiors, perhaps you want to set up a greenery scene that gives a cohesive transition from your garden to the rest of your household. We have thousands of flowery patterns so emblematic for Mexican or Spanish tile craft that you can use for decorating the doorway.

If bold designs, using the whole wall embellished with hand-made Talavera tiles is too much for your taste but you still love having some of those rustic accents, you can add a mirror decorated with a tiled frame. A smaller tile mural in form of wall art is also an option for you. Additionally, we should not forget about the entry that can be enlivened with our ceramic products. Decorating the doors with tiles is an ancient technique that we can observe in the Morrocan architecture. It was then appropriated by Spanish culture and finally, it got to Mexico where until nowadays is a really fashionable and beautiful way of adding a powerful statement to the Southern look of the entry doors of the house. A wooden, shabby-looking doors with handcrafted, Mexican tiles trimming it, seems like a perfect match and is frequently used in Hacienda-like residencies. Add some ceramic flower planters, pots and other decorative elements to boost the Southern style.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Decorative Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico are not only practical material that is easy to clean and maintain but they add a lot a pop of color and Southern brightness to any area you are remodelling. They provide a long-lasting wall or surface that will be a durable decorative addition to any household.

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There are many different ceramic tiles on the market. If you are looking for a rustic charm you should pay attention to the quality of glazed ceramic and the execution of the hand-painted designs. You would like to make sure that this product is really handmade by local artisans just as it is published. We are offering many options of decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico at Mycustommade ranging from wall tiles, Mexican relief tiles, broken tiles and stunning tile murals and much more. Each type of ceramic tile can be used both in the interior as well as the exterior of your home. You can install ceramic tiles in virtually any area you want and continue enjoying their warmth and beauty. The only limitations for Mexican tiles installations would be outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of ceramic. The remodelling projects including tile glazing are countless and such a fun thing to do. It is one of those activities you can even make by yourself such as decorating your tabletop with some vibrant Talavera tiles. The ideas for using a broken tiles collection is also limitless and a perfect DIY project for the whole family.

The most commonplace for Mexican handcrafted tiles would be kitchen wall, backsplash and counters as well as bathroom walls and counters. However, think outside of the box. Consider installing Mexican ceramic tiles in your rustic dining room using Spanish colonial designs that would go smoothly with wooden pieces of furniture and other vintage items. Talavera white and blue tiles are a perfect option for the outdoor decoration of your garden area, firework, door frame but they are regularly used in the kitchens as well to brighten the room. Mexican, Colonial houses are all ornamented with some sort of tiling project form a single tile with a number or a name of the villa to complex works of tiling art as a door frame or entire wall decoration. Bright up your entry with similar ideas and you will add a really welcoming feel to your entryway. Don't forget about the outdoors. You can use our decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico to embellish your swimming pool area (water-line for instance), barbecue area or the walls of your Southwest-inspired patio and veranda. If you have a fountain in your outdoor area, the ceramic tiles are a perfect match as well. 


Decorating Kitchens with Relief Tiles

Decorating Kitchens with Relief Tiles

The traditional function of the kitchen was a designated room for preparing food. Today, we have seen a shift in the role of the kitchen that is combination of living, dining and a place including cooking. That is why designing a kitchen with stylish appliances is so important and our kitchen relief tiles are one of the extraordinary options availabel for the buyer or his/her interior architect designer.

Have Fun with Your Decorative Ceramic Tiles

There are infinite ways you can decorate your kitchen with our relief tiles. Whether it is small space or spacious concept, you can use them on walls as the main theme or just as an explosion of shades in the area you want to accent. Our kitchen tiles are mostly used for backsplash but we can imagine them as countertop of your kitchen island and if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, our ceramic can beautifully highlight its mantel. Additionally, you can play it safe with solid color furniture and add contrasts to the tabletop with relief tiles. On the contrary, if you are a fan of a pigment burst, choose multicoloured and vivid scheme which can be echoed on the relift tile backsplash and countertop.

Relief Tile Design and Style

The kitchen relief tiles go perfectly with variety of style. The only restriction is just your imagination and design taste. With a little bit of ingenuity, your kitchen can twin a charming French space with a kitchenette with past century lookalike, desinger chairs, a vintage chandelier. Brows our online store for other custom  products with a foucus on our Spanish character items. Amoung othere sugestions, we like very much antique oak flooring pannels together with an apartment size electric fireplace. Many homes designed by a countryside enthusiast feature a country style copper sink custom-made by our professionals, wooden cookery island, and of course a final touch to it the picturesque Mexican relief tiles. Using ceramic colourful kitchen tiles embraces a fresh vision of hacienda that we specialize. If you prefer a minimalist and industrial flair in your home remodeling, you can use such decoration and just go with pops of colour featuring plain tone relief tiles chosen from our vast collection. They will no doubt infuse energy into a modest size kitchen design. Using natural iron range hood will bright space and pair with darker and brilliant tiles will open up the gallery area.

ceramic relief tiles for kitchen wall, backsplash, counter and accent

Our custom-made, rustic appliances and furniture department offers an extensive collection of handmade relief tiles. They are handcrafted the way the pattern is raised above ceramic tile background. Often used for a backsplashe, kitchen wall statements but also for stairs and swimming pool water line. You can buy them 4x4 and 6x6 inch tile sizes in over three hundred patterns. Those relief ceramic tiles are also about one and a half inch thick made of semi-porcelain material which makes them incredibly easy to clean and environment very resistant.