Handmade Authentic Mexican Tiles

Handmade Authentic Mexican Tiles

Apart from stunning beaches, pre-Hispanic pyramids, mouth-watering cuisine, Mexico is also acknowledged for its art and crafts. Handmade authentic Mexican tiles are one of the most popular elements of local architecture and interior designing and they are living their revival all around the globe. Why is that- you could ask. Talavera tiles can become a powerful and surprising decorative tile accent in any part of your home, both in the interiors and outdoors. It is a very affordable way for astonishing makeover for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and patios.

hand painted mexican tiles decorating interior walls

Whether you want to revamp totally your décor or perhaps make a small rearrangement in your kitchen or bathroom, Mexican tile for walls and counters will make a great fit to add intensity and a lot of life into any area. There is a general trend for very minimalist homes that would include single-color walls, usually white, a large piece of marble for counters, and basically sleek and simple pieces of furnishing. On the other scope of interior design, we find the Southern-style that cherish rustic, “imperfect” elements, mixing earthly materials and adding tons of unique objects. With handmade authentic Mexican tiles, you can achieve more diverse and vibrant settings. It does not mean your décor will feel crowded or overwhelmed, at all. However, embracing the Southern vibe enable you to bring alluring color schemes and textures to your monochromatic layouts. Some can execute that using ethnic textiles; others through art. Us, we recommend our clients to take a different approach to their renovation projects and embrace the beauty and functionality of artisan-made Mexican tiles. The decorative ideas for the Talavera tiles application are endless! They are suitable for wet and damp spaces so you can be rest assured that they will withstand the conditions in bathrooms or balcony and patio.

Our company offers many types of rustic Mexican tiles to make your home transformation even easier. Discover the broad collection of custom tile murals that can embellish kitchen backsplashes, showers, garden or patio walls. Enjoy the uniqueness and incredible character of handmade high-relief tiles, suitable as a bold designing statement in any area from your home’s entry, as a frame for your vintage mirror greeting guests in the hallway, or as an accent tile in the kitchen for instance. Handmade, authentic Mexican tiles are sold in thousands of models that represent Southern ceramic heritage that includes Spanish white and blue Talavera patterns, Moroccan Arabesque, or Mexican abstract art. Despite being an old-century material, Mexican tiles are still surprising homeowners worldwide.

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