Decorative High Relief Tiles

Decorative High Relief Tiles

Recently we can observe a revival of interior designs emanating from countries where tiles are integral to the architecture and vibrant culture. Mexico, without a doubt, is one of them. The richly colored motifs of handcrafted Talavera tiles are brought to the level of fine arts with decorative high relief tiles. Those vivid and sophisticated tiles are small but evocative and can be combined together in many ways to create alluring patchwork designing setups in any area of your house or apartment.

If you are fond of the richness and flamboyant feel of the Mexican architecture, definitely, you will want to introduce decorative high relief tiles into your remodelling projects. Some of the most striking examples of public art in Colonial cities around Mexico explore the medium of Talavera tiles in all its forms from simple wall tiles, large and spectacular wall tile murals and most lavish high relief tiles. The raised relief pattern boosts the captivating appearance of a ceramic tile. Bring life and color with a bold statement of handcrafted ceramic relief tiles that will transform an ordinary room into a vibrant and colorful state-of-art space. What makes those relief tiles so special- you might ask. All Talavera tiles have a unique texture of a handmade product that enclose a rustic feel and small variations in color or shape of the pattern. However, this adds additional value to our handcrafted Mexican tiles as many of us prefer an artisan work rather than a perfect copy from an assembly line. In the case of Mexican tiles with relief, there are seen as even bigger assets due to their amazing three-dimensional motifs.


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How do we elaborate our decorative high relief tiles? The process involves a unique painting technique and it is more complex than producing normal Talavera tiles. Our experienced local artisans use an ancient relief technique that involves creating raised, three-dimensional elements that remain attached to a two-dimensional background of the same material, resulting in sculpted motifs that are raised from the surface. The craftsman, instead of using a traditional brash, is squeezing a small bottle with paint pouring it on the tile surface which was earlier designed with a hand drawing. Applying various colors the painter is leaving a substantial amount of paint, elevating particular elements from the background of the design. Once ceramic tiles are fired, the surface becomes very hard and the tile pattern can be easily distinguished not only by colors but especially by the raised relief pattern. The effect is mesmerizing and you can discover the whole collection of decorative high relief tiles at our online store.The application ideas are endless from adding kitchen ceramic tiles to your kitchen backsplash to decorating your doorway with Mexican, colorful tiles.

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