Distressed Metal Vent Hood

Distressed Metal Vent Hood

Quite the opposite to the mainstream trend, we think a rustic kitchen vent will always provide the comfort of your favorite dish prepared by your mum so forget about white cabinets, polished nickel hardware and impeccable marble counters. A distressed metal vent hood will become a good addition in a custom kitchen decor.

Distressed, is our new metal finishing option for vent hoods and other home improvement products for a kitchen. This technique, unlike typical hammering, makes the range hood look more nowadays but within this rustic appeal that almost all our products have. To obtain the finishing, it is required a great experience of the artisan that is using a special hammer to create the effect. The finishing can be used for raw metal as well as patina colored copper. The blog post image shows distressed pattern positioned vertically, however, it can be handcrafted on any design wall and island hood in any other direction. In what kitchens can you imagine a distressed vent hood? In pretty much any! The trend is very popular and this kind of range hood will pair to perfection with shabby furniture, wooden countertops, a worn country table, a metal candle chandelier and a copper sink. It will give you this cozy and very natural appearance to a kitchen where you can feel relaxed even if there a huge mess after your “cooking adventures”.

distressed metal vent hood finishing

On the other hand, though, there are many of us that love bridging the best of farmhouse and contemporary words. The real challenge is to find the ability to combine opposing vent design styles into one dynamic but coherent interior. When it comes to kitchens, you could go in two different directions: you could use old world architectural details of the room to set the stage for the few modern vanities or lofty layout to expose some innovative elements such as our hammered metal vent hood California style which will attract the attention of all guests and family. This contrast will provoke a bigger impact then if you decorate all the room in a single style.

Now that you have seen in how many decorating modes you can actually install a distressed range hood, you should also know that all of our metal hoods are fully customizable. With us, you can customize the size and features according to your idea. Our collection can be just a starting point of your own vision of the perfect kitchen. Send us your requirements and our experienced craftsmen will make it a reality. Each original vent hood is truly a high-end union of form and function.

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