Custom Zinc Range Hood for a Kitchen

Custom Zinc Range Hood for a Kitchen

Custom zinc range hood for a kitchen production is our specialty. We have long experience in working with wrought iron, copper and custom range hoods that makes us a credible metal furniture producer. In addition, we manufacture zinc sinks and dining zinc tables. We provide many excellent designs as you may already discovered on our online custom home improvement store. Our facility is based in Mexico. The location offers very competitive prices and flexibility of design. Why? Custom doesn't carry any extra cost, all kitchen appliances such as zinc range hood products are processed as separate fully customized projects.

Zinc Range Hood Finishing

zinc range hood finishing optionshammered zinc range hood with dark finishing

Custom range hoods are trendy among kitchen furnishings and marketed in natural and black metal finishing. Take a look at a considerable selection of our hood models. You will notice that those high quality designs can be applied in all style homes that range form modern to a rustic traditional. An antique vent hood is good idea for a focal point in a kitchen. You can customize it in size and style. The buyer has four choices as far as the zinc finishing is concerned. Various treatments can be selected on the range hood pages. Color you will choose will make a great difference. For instance, a light patina evokes a modern appeal and a darker shade combined with Southern extractor cover shape, will convert it in a perfect hacienda appliance. Those shown on our online outlet are just examples of what we can do. Any designer zinc range hood can be personalized. You can also send us a drawing or a picture of the hood you would like us to manufacture. It will be an entirely custom made zinc range hood produced.

Zinc Range Hood Metal Options

custom made zinc range hoods

Zinc range hood can be manufactured with smooth or hammered metal. Both metalwork production methods create rustic appliance. Smooth zinc surface option is more industrial which works well with both modern and condominium kitchen. While hammering converts the zinc range hood definitely to vintage looking. If you prefer your interior contemporary option, our company will fabricate exactly the zinc range hood your interior architect designed for you. Most likely, it is meant to be a central piece of your renovated or brand new kitchen. It corresponds perfectly in commercial ambiances as well as open kitchen restaurants and bars so you can boost your business with the best insert appliance and designed to fit your lifestyle.

zinc range hood in a kitchen

The design can be enhanced by adding decorating straps and rivers. All of them are for sale in wall and kitchen central island versions. The island zinc range hood has all its sides finished with the same style. The wall mount range hood has its back flat and can push air through it or up to the ceiling. It depends on the design and house ventilation system configuration.

zinc range hood

Save on your custom zinc range hood with a free delivery to the continental USA. Estimated delivery including range hood production is a month.


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Dec 13, 2017

It is a greate collection of copper range hoods for a kitchen. I am in a process of ordering my hood from Custom Made and hope it is going to be what I magined. I will be posting updates on the production and installation once any information about my copper range hood becomes available.

Jul 04, 2017

I love metal range hoods with mixed metals and decided to buy from myCustomMade brand new hood in copper with polished zinc straps. They don’t work with stainless steel but zink looks pretty much alike. Perhaps it has more rustic look but it was fine as the entire range hood was meant for Spanish style kitchen. They did pretty good job the finishing is concerned.

Luke Sarandon
May 11, 2017

I like this zinc range hood finishing. What is it? Natural metal with copper straps or is it zinc with some kind of treatment?

Alex S.
Mar 03, 2017

How can I clean a zinc vent hood? Can I use regular kitchen cleaners or they are going to make metal dark?

Feb 12, 2017

Can I order a zinc range hood shown on the top photo as hammered? Also, I would be interested in the price of this range hood with a vent system included and crown moulding made of antique zinc. How long does it take to produce and deliver custom made hood to Germany and is shipping free?

Oct 15, 2016

Yes, all myCustomMade zinc range hoods are available in custom height. Since our range hoods are produced on individual bases once the order has been received, they can be custom made according to buyer specifications.

Sep 23, 2016

Is this zinc range hood available 54 inches tall? Our kitchen ceiling is 14 feet and has a cathedral shape. The hood needs to have an upper part made with pitch or a chimney added to connect to the ceiling.

Sandra D.

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