Custom Made Product Reviews

Custom Made Product Reviews

Positive customer reviews are so essential to us. In mycustommade made-to-order product store, majority of our products are hand-made. No doubt, our clients are very demanding about the final look and they understand the beauty of unique objects and the great human effort that is put inside of every purchase. The positive reviews create a bond of trust between the company and our clientele.

In the five star review of our kitchen copper sink "Tucson" we can read a comment from Mr Donald Smith saying "What a beautiful way to work with metal, it has the perfect finish, the piece is durable and solid, the spec sheet you all sent me was very helpful, and the assembly was perfect." We as mycustommade customer are extremely satisfied our products get so numerous good responses and many of our clients pointed out that they bought item looked even better once unpacked then on a photo. Once they can feel the texture and see small details, the buyers fully appreciate our handicraft and leave positive reviews.

Many customers enjoyed the customization options of patio furniture, home décor accessories and kitchen appliances. Jane left us a positive reviews on our "Austin" antique range hood explaining that the rustic style went perfectly well with her new food preparation area design. They ordered it in central island version as custom made. Her house has high ceilings so it needed to be much bigger even though they left 36" between the oven top and the hood bottom. They also selected dark copper patina vent hood and the result was spectacular. Mrs Roxanne McLellan found quite important that the delivery was on time and the product came without any scratches. She then added that the product she bought was and placed on the pallet. Delivering driver dropped it right on our driveway. As we are an online producer located in central Mexico, it was always our main concern to offer the best and most secure shipping policies you can find. Nearly all of our items are shipped within four weeks and we are happy to say that in the majority of cases this time frame is respected and the output is arriving at its destination in an impeccable state.

Mycustommade specialize in difficult materials such as semi-precious metals, decorative relief ceramic tiles or Cantera stone making the furnishings unique. It is not a mas production business where you can but exactly the same wardrobe whichever country you are living in. The process of creating an item is interactive. Vast numbers of products from our line can be partially or fully customized and we also accept individual interior designer's projects to create in our workshop. In case of Nickol's purchase of a vintage copper bathtub (one of our flagship categories), appreciated our flexibility to customize the size. We can read in his positive customer reviews: "This is a bathtub I was looking for a while. Most suppliers sell their bathtubs in standard dimensions beginning 67" and my bathroom is way smaller than that. In fact, I needed a small tub benefit for a bathroom and that was quite a challenge. I am glad I found this site and finally was able to buy 48" bathtub while preserving depth and height proportions. Custom Made agreed to produce my tub twenty inches tall and 29 wide without charging extra for their custom work, delivery was free as advertised."

mycustommade customer reviews

Seeing numerous mycustommade positive customer reviews, comments and five star rating reinforces in continuing our hand-made products. We are proud to offer on a daily basis the highest quality for the best-found price together with excellent customer service.

Custom Zinc Range Hood for a Kitchen

Custom Zinc Range Hood for a Kitchen

Custom zinc range hood for a kitchen production is our specialty. We have long experience in working with wrought iron, copper and custom range hoods that makes us a credible metal furniture producer. In addition, we manufacture zinc sinks and dining zinc tables. We provide many excellent designs as you may already discovered on our online custom home improvement store. Our facility is based in Mexico. The location offers very competitive prices and flexibility of design. Why? Custom doesn't carry any extra cost, all kitchen appliances such as zinc range hood products are processed as separate fully customized projects.

Zinc Range Hood Finishing

zinc range hood finishing optionshammered zinc range hood with dark finishing

Custom range hoods are trendy among kitchen furnishings and marketed in natural and black metal finishing. Take a look at a considerable selection of our hood models. You will notice that those high quality designs can be applied in all style homes that range form modern to a rustic traditional. An antique vent hood is good idea for a focal point in a kitchen. You can customize it in size and style. The buyer has four choices as far as the zinc finishing is concerned. Various treatments can be selected on the range hood pages. Color you will choose will make a great difference. For instance, a light patina evokes a modern appeal and a darker shade combined with Southern extractor cover shape, will convert it in a perfect hacienda appliance. Those shown on our online outlet are just examples of what we can do. Any designer zinc range hood can be personalized. You can also send us a drawing or a picture of the hood you would like us to manufacture. It will be an entirely custom made zinc range hood produced.

Zinc Range Hood Metal Options

custom made zinc range hoods

Zinc range hood can be manufactured with smooth or hammered metal. Both metalwork production methods create rustic appliance. Smooth zinc surface option is more industrial which works well with both modern and condominium kitchen. While hammering converts the zinc range hood definitely to vintage looking. If you prefer your interior contemporary option, our company will fabricate exactly the zinc range hood your interior architect designed for you. Most likely, it is meant to be a central piece of your renovated or brand new kitchen. It corresponds perfectly in commercial ambiances as well as open kitchen restaurants and bars so you can boost your business with the best insert appliance and designed to fit your lifestyle.

zinc range hood in a kitchen

The design can be enhanced by adding decorating straps and rivers. All of them are for sale in wall and kitchen central island versions. The island zinc range hood has all its sides finished with the same style. The wall mount range hood has its back flat and can push air through it or up to the ceiling. It depends on the design and house ventilation system configuration.

zinc range hood

Save on your custom zinc range hood with a free delivery to the continental USA. Estimated delivery including range hood production is a month.

Tabletop Water Fountains

Tabletop Water Fountains

If you are remodeling your outdoor area you can add both rustic style and the relaxing sound of flowing water. Incorporate to your patio space tabletop water fountains custom made of wood, stone imitation and Mexican Cantera with handmade relief ceramic tiles. They are designed for wall, tabletop or floor application. Take a look at our collection of fountains for a garden, veranda and park. Some of the fountains are solar powered and others are a plugin. Custom fountains are a great decorative idea for creating outdoor decor. From rustic, oriental or more sophisticated type, you will find anything you are looking for improving your house outdoors. Besides, they are very easy to install as there is no plumbing work involved with their easy-to-assemble solutions.

If your decoration is country, check out our Apple Barrel Fountains. The water flows from a jug at the top of the pedestal and down through two more bowls before ending up in an urn at the base. It is creating sparkling waterfalls cascade from spout to spout down the faces of three stacked bushel baskets. This generously sized fountain with mexican tiles and genuine wood trim adds bountiful rustic flair to your outdoor surroundings. On the other hand, if your garden is oriental style and you are missing a wow-element, you should definitely explore our Buddha tabletop water fountains collection.  Calming Good's Head introduces you into the world of Asian peacefulness. This tabletop fountain will add a zen-like calm to your back-yard. Made from ceramic the soothing sound and sight of water cascading down the top of this sculptural piece of functional art will be a welcoming addition to your decorations and patio dining table set. It is made the way he reclines within the shelter of his temple as cascading blessings flow from his glowing basket.

A faux-stone tabletop fountain is a perfect centerpiece for your own shrine of serenity. If you are dreaming of creating a secret, fairy tale garden, we also have some options for you. Fairy Solar Water Fountains, for instance,  features a scene from treasured childhood tales as a pair of fairies plays in the crystal waterfalls. The magic of solar power lets you add this fountain to your favorite spot without tangled cords or an optional electrical plug for overcast days.

Fountains can be functional, as they might be an actual source of water, but in reality, they are, in most cases, more decorative than anything else. The tabletop water fountains cascade calms your nerves and adds refinance to your homestead outdoors. Perhaps they are not indispensable but without any doubt, they become a true key part of any original home improvement to the patio or front yard.

tabletop water fountain

Home Hardware Products

Home Hardware Products

Out of our experience in home remodelling and manufacturing great quality furnishings, we know very well that the good tools are half of your success in home renovation and improvements. From now on myCustomMade page, our clients are able to purchase home hardware 24/7. Our online store offers apart of unique custom made appliances, hand and power tools, automobile accessories, kitchen supplies, sporting fitness goods and house electronic security systems.

Is your custom reconstruction project requiring handyman tools? Consider our professional hammers, screwdrivers and power drills. Among our home hardware products, you can find the Black & Decker cordless drill with a pivoting design that helps you reach areas other screwdrivers simply can't. This easy-to-use driver is perfect for professionals and home improvement enthusiasts who are looking for a respectable and compact go-anywhere tool. For those who are seeking a reliable, basic set we offer Manhattan U145 Universal Tool Kit that is perfect for any home and office repairs and additionally has a lifetime warranty.

For those who look for undiscovered treasurers, sophisticated metal detectors and Dorcy or Maglite flashlights are also available for immediate delivery within our hardware.

You have redecorated your kitchen with our charming Talavera sinks, custom range hoods and cooper table? Now, what you need are some kitchen supplies. From beautifully designed toaster, waffle or quesadilla maker to cookware, fill your gallery with the highest quality equipment. Protect your property with sophisticated house security systems day and night. Infrared capacity allows you to monitor your home in total darkness and recording cameras for up to a month. Customize surveillance settings for constant live monitoring and motion detection. In our myCustomMade store in Home Hardware collection, you will encounter a few camera models available ranging from fifteen to twenty-five dollars per piece.

Apart from simulated cameras we do offer fully functioning securing equipment capable of recording your surrounding as well as inside with four cameras connected to the receiver. It has built-in memory allowing viewing history on any camera for the past two weeks.

home hardware security products

Of course, security equipment and hardware products whether it is simulated or real is just one of the options of what you can do to protect yourself inside your property. You may consider installing high-end locks and interior movement detectors as part of the preventive measure. Such products like motion detection lighting, wireless driveway and intruder alert systems will greatly improve the securing of your residance and its occupants.

Custom Made Products

Custom Made Products

Welcome to Custom Made, an established online store dedicated to exclusive custom made products, home hardware, unique decor and much more. We invite you to discover the extraordinary world of Mexican or generally speaking folkloric patterns, vivid colors, great, long-lasting materials including iron, stone, wood and zinc. And no doubt what is essential to us, best quality. We are always adding new custom products and designs to surprise our clients with our ingenuity and trying to adjust to the latest trends in interior and exterior design.

We are proud to say that our furnishings and decorations can be fabricated as custom products. They are easily personalized for the finishing, shape and sizes. We only need the drawing or a description of a piece of furnishings you would like to order. As a result, our team will transform it into a one of a kind household object. Consider our collection of custom made kitchen hoods that are our leading product. We are also a very popular manufacturer of beautiful hacienda chandeliers. We manufacture pieces of outdoor furnishing that can fit in all type of styles. What you need to do is choose the material and texture that goes ideally with the outline of your design. Are you a country lover? We offer a wide selection of decorative copper vent hoods. painted ceramic tiles that are a must in Southern-style interior. They can be used in so many ways! They can be fitted as a backsplash; you can decorate your tabletop or metal mirror frame with them as well. Finish the look with some ceramic custom made bath sinks, either under-mount or drop-ins. If you prefer something minimalist and refine, check our functional furniture and interior objects such as custom copper bathtubs that will make a perfect fit in a spacious bedroom that blur into a bathroom. Do not forget to scroll around our collection of professional hardware that includes tools, kitchen supplies and even home security devices.

custom made home products

Our prices are incomparable to those on the North side of the border. Our location in a beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico gives us the privilege to offer lower prices for the amazing quality of custom products. Besides, all orders above $50 are shipped at no extra cost. We take a great deal in delivering our custom made output in perfect conditions and in the shortest time possible (as far as it can be obtained with custom made products). As, we usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.