Custom Zinc Range Hoods

Custom Zinc Range Hoods

Custom zinc range hood production is our specialty. Our facility is based in central Mexico. The location offers very competitive prices and flexibility of designs. Why? Custom made doesn't carry any extra cost, all kitchen appliances including zinc range hoods are processed as separate projects.

Zinc Range Hood Finishing

zinc range hood natural  antique custom zinc range hood

The buyer has four options when the metal finishing is concerned. Smooth or hammered natural and dark treatment can be selected on the range hood pages. Save on your custom zinc range hood free delivery to the continental USA.

Custom Made Zinc Range Hoods

custom zinc range hoods

Range hoods shown on site are just examples of what we can do. Any zinc range hood can be customized. You can also send us a drawing or a picture of the hood you would like us to manufacture. It will be an entirely custom made range hood produced just for you.

Zinc Range Hood Metal

Zinc range hood can be manufactured with smooth or hammered metal surface. Both metalwork production methods create rustic appliance. Smooth zinc surface is more industrial type which works well with both modern and traditional kitchen decor. While hammering make the zinc range hood definitely old world looking.

zinc range hood with smooth metal

The design can be enhanced by adding decorating straps and rivers made of zinc, copper or iron. All models are for sale in wall mount and kitchen central island versions.

zinc range hood hammered metal

The island range hood has all its sides finished with the same fashion. The wall hood has its back wall flat and can vent through it or up to the ceiling depending on the design and house ventilation system configuration.

Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Introducing a collection of water fountains for a garden, veranda and patio. Some of the fountains are solar powered and others are plugin. They are custom made of wood, stone imitation and Mexican cantera stone designed for wall, tabletop or floor. Water fountains are a great decorative idea for creating indoor and outdoor tranquility.

Home Hardware

Home Hardware

From now on myCustomMade shoppers are able to purchase home hardware 24/7. Our online store offers hand and power tools, automobile accessories, kitchen suppliers, sporting fitness hoods and house electronic security systems.

Welcome to Custom Made

Welcome to Custom Made

Welcome to Custom Made, a brand new online store dedicated to home hardware, unique decor and handmade furnishings. Watch our progress with constantly added new products and ideas. All orders above $50 shipped at no extra cost, free delivery. Our line consists of custom furniture for living, dining, bedroom and kitchen. Fabricated out of copper bathtubs and kitchen range hoods are our specialty.

custom made furnishings

Unlike other sits you don't have to wary about professional packing and logistics. Our team of specialists will take care of it for you. While made to order products in the US and Europe are way more expensive than regular output it is not the case when Custom Made is concerned. Our production facilities are located in Mexico so any labor and manufacturing cots savings are passed to the buyer. Compare our prices with other similar online marketers and buy your home hardware at the lowest price.