Custom Copper Range Hoods

Custom Copper Range Hoods

We believe installing a custom copper range hoods in a kitchen is great way for adding extra value to the property. The handmade metal range hood can be used as decorative appliance as well as functioning kitchen equipment venting air from inside of home outside. In our store we have over hundred different range hood designs. All of them are available in all standard sizes. If your kitchen is taller than average we can manufacture your tall custom copper range hood in any other height. By working closely with your designer we are going to contribute to the reconstruction project by customizing our output. Either our stuff can come up with the best range hood solution for your kitchen or you architect drawings are welcome. We would used them for our production order once the content has been translated to Spanish. In fact, our hood factory is located down South of the border in state of Michoacan which is one of the most colonial style parts of the country. No doubt our custom made kitchen range hood styling is heavily influenced by Spanish heritage of the region. Despite that we were working in the past of custom copper range hoods with more modern look. They were both wall and central island versions. Occasionally, modern copper range hoods were produced from smooth metal instead of hammered and finished with light color or honey patina. On some other occasion, we personalized the hood and hand polished part of it. The apron was made in color resembling US penny and the rest of the range hood rustic dark. By designing the hood that way part of it was matching copper counter installed in the kitchen and the shiny elements corresponded with bras knobs and trims of the kitchen stove it was venting.

Copper Range Hood Custom Patina

 copper range hood custom antique patina copper range hood antique patina

Our copper range hoods come in four copper patina colors. Those are honey, natural fired, coffee and antique. We use similar type of finish are so popular with Rustica range hood collection. The last option is made of natural looking copper washed with black paint making the range hood old. Occasionally, we were hand polishing metal making them modern looking.

green copper range hood finishing

The newest invention we implemented into our custom stove range hood production is oxidizing copper. By exposing metal to salt it turns green. Prior to that we were using this technique on restaurant and domestic use tabletops only.

Custom Copper Range Hood Models

If you like any wall copper range hood or its island version on our site but need it to personalize to your specific kitchen requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will need a simple had drawing with dimensions to get back to you with price and delivery time frame. Our production facility is located in Mexico allowing custom made copper range hoods to be fabricated efficiently at the discount price.

Custom Copper Hood Production and Delivery

It is also important to note we are not that far from the US border. It keeps our logistic costs down so we can deliver our custom copper range hoods to the buyer at lower price that our Asian competition. Average custom range hood production time is four weeks. This time frame includes shipping to the client door. Since quite often were were asked about any additional fees related to the international shipping I would like to address this issue as well.

All costs associated with crossing US border are included in our range hood price. It includes even local delivery. What it doesn't include, it is bringing the production inside your house nor installation. Please inspect your custom copper hood in driver's presence before signing it off. If there are any signs of damage, deny the shipment after you took images of effected areas including packaging. It has to be documented on the shipper documentation so successful claim can be filed against the transport company.

Once we filed it with our freight forwarding agent we will produce exactly same replica of the original range hood and deliver free to you as soon as possible. Interdependently, we will proceed the case of right to recuperate the loses with the carrier.

Custom Zinc Range Hoods

Custom Zinc Range Hoods

Custom zinc range hood production is our specialty. Our facility is based in central Mexico. The location offers very competitive prices and flexibility of designs. Why? Custom made doesn't carry any extra cost, all kitchen appliances including zinc range hoods are processed as separate projects.

Zinc Range Hood Finishing

zinc range hood natural  antique custom zinc range hood

The buyer has four options when the metal finishing is concerned. Smooth or hammered natural and dark treatment can be selected on the range hood pages. Save on your custom zinc range hood free delivery to the continental USA.

Custom Made Zinc Range Hoods

custom zinc range hoods

Range hoods shown on site are just examples of what we can do. Any zinc range hood can be customized. You can also send us a drawing or a picture of the hood you would like us to manufacture. It will be an entirely custom made range hood produced just for you.

Zinc Range Hood Metal

Zinc range hood can be manufactured with smooth or hammered metal surface. Both metalwork production methods create rustic appliance. Smooth zinc surface is more industrial type which works well with both modern and traditional kitchen decor. While hammering make the zinc range hood definitely old world looking.

zinc range hood with smooth metal

The design can be enhanced by adding decorating straps and rivers made of zinc, copper or iron. All models are for sale in wall mount and kitchen central island versions.

zinc range hood hammered metal

The island range hood has all its sides finished with the same fashion. The wall hood has its back wall flat and can vent through it or up to the ceiling depending on the design and house ventilation system configuration.

Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Introducing a collection of water fountains for a garden, veranda and patio. Some of the fountains are solar powered and others are plugin. They are custom made of wood, stone imitation and Mexican cantera stone designed for wall, tabletop or floor. Water fountains are a great decorative idea for creating indoor and outdoor tranquility.

Home Hardware

Home Hardware

From now on myCustomMade shoppers are able to purchase home hardware 24/7. Our online store offers hand and power tools, automobile accessories, kitchen suppliers, sporting fitness hoods and house electronic security systems.