Spice up Bathroom with a Freestanding Copper Tub

Spice up Bathroom with a Freestanding Copper Tub

Bath time is a time for chilling and rejuvenation. A freestanding copper bathtub is a great way to make your bathroom more luxurious and functional. In this article, we will show you how to spice up bathroom with a freestanding copper bathtub. A handmade copper bathtub works great if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath without worrying about the floor getting wet. It can be used as a copper soaking tub, or you can use it as a shower with the help of floor-mounted faucets and rain shower heads. They are also perfect for those who don’t have much space in their bathroom. if you don’t have one in your home, you may not know where to start when it comes to renovating your bathroom. The freestanding and handmade bathtub is a popular choice for those who want their own private space for soaking and relaxing in the tub.They are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles like claw-foot, pedestals, and soaking tubs.

custom copper tub from Mexico in a bathroom

Spice up your bathroom with a freestanding copper bathtub, it will add a modern and very lavish touch to your bathroom and make it stand out from the rest. Freestanding copper bathtubs are designed in a way that they are not attached to the wall. It can be designed to fit any space, and it has a sleek look that will make your bathroom feel luxurious. They can be used as a focal point in your bathroom or as an elegant retreat. You can choose a copper tub with two different patina finishing for higher contrast or with decorative rings and feet. The bathtub has a beautiful and unique design that will catch the eye of any guest that enters the room.

The freestanding copper bathtub not only looks beautiful but also enhances the design of your bathroom. The copper bathtub has a sleek design and will make you feel like royalty in your own home. The freestanding bathtub has a lot of benefits such as being easy to install, maintain, and provide comfort. Mexican freestanding bathtubs are made of high-quality copper that is full of incredible benefits for your health and also the environment. What better combination than a luxurious home appliance that is Eco-friendly and durable!

Luxurious Copper Soaking Bathtub

Luxurious Copper Soaking Bathtub

When you want to create a luxurious copper soaking bathtub along with a vintage feel to it, there is no better option than installing a custom copper bathtub. Copper is a metal that has long been used for its beauty, durability, and plentiful natural resources. From currency to jewelry to cooking pots and pans, copper has left a legacy as one of the most prized metals in human history. The fact that it is loved by so many people means that it is also popular in the bathroom and is becoming more and more luxurious. 

copper bathtub for a custom bathroom

Copper soaking bathtubs are increasingly becoming a must-have in the modern world and they are popular items in Mexico. The best part of a copper bathtub is that it can remove the dirt and excess oils from your skin by releasing negative ions. Copper also has natural fungicide properties that keep the tub from building up algae or mold on it. And last but not least, copper being an excellent conductor of heat reduces your water usage by half. This luxuriously designed copper bathtub is all curves with a soothing, modern look. The beautiful, gleaming center is perfect for soaking and enjoying a quiet moment, Luxury copper soaking bathtub is making waves in the high-class market. Is it just the old-fashioned charm and beauty of copper that draws people in? Or something more? Hand-hammered copper bathtubs offer a luxurious and rustic feel to any bathroom.

A copper tub is perfect for anyone that wants a modern and rustic look for their bathroom. It can be customized in any way you want, from the shape to the color. Copper is durable and doesn't have an aesthetic problem with it like other materials such as stone. This luxurious copper soaking bathtub can be designed in a contemporary feel or on the contrary, very traditional. It has an open drainage system for easy cleaning. The copper finish provides a clean, soothing, and luxurious feel that can be enjoyed, this is not just a showpiece but something that can be enjoyed daily by the whole family. Copper is an excellent material for a bathtub because it has natural antimicrobial properties. It also helps regulate room temperatures and can improve the quality of water. An elegant copper tub is a perfect addition to any bathroom. It provides the perfect indulgence for those seeking a high-quality bathing experience.The benefits of copper tub are long-lasting and make them worth every penny that you spend on them.

Hand-hammered Mexican Copper Bathtubs

Hand-hammered Mexican Copper Bathtubs

Whichever your home’s style is, a unique copper bathtub will add the right touch of elegance and comfort to your bath. It will either perfectly match the rest of the rustic interior or be that one vintage element that contrasts the modernity of the rest. Create an exclusive bathing experience for your family and you. We are sure that with one of our hand-hammered Mexican copper bathtubs you will never want to switch to a casual and quick shower.

mexican copper tub

Our company creates one-of-a-kind products that usually are made upon order. On one hand, it makes the process a little bit longer than buying directly in a local shop but, on the other- you are provided with a fully customized final item. Being able to offer many features that can be customized, our clients enjoy this shopping experience that allows them to buy the most suitable custom-made appliances that range from a very tall copper range hoods and corner copper bathroom sinks to personalized free-standing copper tub that can have a dark patina on the outside and a shiny polished surface on the inside walls. You can buy hand-hammered Mexican copper bathtubs as free-standing or drop-in. Within a broad and exclusive collection of copper soaking tubs, you will find a multitude of shapes, styles, and colors. Select copper patina finishing in the product options that fit best with your bathroom decor and personal taste. From polished, shiny surface to darker or lighter copper patina with hammered texture and anything in between, find the hand-hammered copper bathtub of your dreams. If you are looking for a custom-made appliance that will add a striking effect and catch all the attention, consider a freestanding tub design that includes different hues. You can order a copper tub that is treated with the coffee patina finishing on the outside and with a nickel-plated surface inside. This contrasting combination will make your bathroom boost a lavish and stunning look.

Even having a small bathroom should not discourage you from creating a soothing oasis with a Mexican tub. Our amazing blacksmiths can manufacture a smaller-size copper tub with perhaps a deeper basin so you can still enjoy the quality and beauty of our bestseller. Why should you spend four weeks waiting for a tub that you could purchase in your home appliance store? First, you will not find better quality for the price our Mexican outdoor and indoor products are sold. Secondly, copper is a natural resource that has been used in Mexico for centuries, and therefore its artisans have an extraordinary experience based on a rich blend of tradition, creative thinking, and artful work. Lastly, no onsite shop will be able to offer you custom-made appliances to the extent we can create.

Copper Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Copper Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Most interior designers and developers will just blatantly advise small bathroom owners to go for a shower option instead of a bathtub. They value practicality over creating a unique style that reflects the taste of the homeowner. One of the main reasons for this is that there are not so many copper appliances manufacturers that sell bathtubs small enough to fit into petite-sized spaces. However, our copper products company praises itself for offering pieces of furniture and appliances made-to-order. Therefore, we have decades of experience in elaborating exclusive copper bathtubs for small bathrooms.

small copper bathtub
Usually, to compensate for the small size (length and width) smaller copper bathtubs are designed as a deep and soaking tub. It will make it easier to squeeze them in practically any space, whether it is a small bathroom or perhaps a bedroom. Inspired by traditional Japanese soaking bathtubs but with a Southern twist that characterized all our handmade, artisan articles, our small, copper bathtubs will become an instant statement piece of any style bathroom. You can have a look at our collection of handcrafted, copper tubs and if any model catches your eye, write us an email with a specific measurement your bathroom requires. We will contact you as soon as we can to guide you through the process. Bear in mind that size is not the only feature that can be customized by our skilled blacksmiths. Our custom-made service includes suitable changes in the shape of the basin and the copper patina options. Depending on the shape of your room, small copper bathtubs could be made as round, oval, or even square so that way it helps you to optimize the space. As far as the design, you can have one of the sides with an elevated rim to improve neck and head support during your soaking bath time. A double slipper is not recommended for petit tubs for obvious reasons. However, your solo bath should be as soothing and comfortable as it can be. Having your bathtub made from copper, you can be sure your bath can be longer than usual as copper bathtubs hold temperatures longer than any other types of tubs. As you can see, this is not only a stylish choice but also an economic one as well. Not to mention that any custom copper product is a guarantee of durability. You are buying a bathtub that will serve you for generations if you wish.

Try to install your new, striking tub in front of the window or where the light is the best. It will highlight the prominent role it plays in the bathroom layout. Have a look at our stunning lighting options, including grandiose, iron chandeliers, that can complement this breathtaking look. As you can see, copper bathtubs for small bathrooms do not have to be modest nor simple. You can get an indulging experience and relax in steamy hot water regardless of the inches of your tub.

Hacienda Style Bathroom

Hacienda Style Bathroom

While some are lucky enough to live in a Hacienda or Colonial style home with fantastic original details such as ceiling beams, archways and large arched windows, and tiled front porch, others are dreaming to boost Hacienda style with as many details as they can. The good news is that even if you do not own a Spanish Colonial or Mexican residency, you still can bring the soothing comfort and luxury found in natural, handmade furnishings and vintage-looking accessories. Transform your ordinary bathroom, whether modern or traditional into a Hacienda-style bathroom by creating an amazing setting with the hand-painted, ceramic Talavera sink, bright and varicolored tiles, old-world copper mirror above the bathroom vanity and to shake things up, consider installing a freestanding copper bathtub or forged iron chandelier to move the attention to the higher parts of the room. Keep reading if you want to know more about how to enhance this magnificent transformation.

unique hacienda style bathroom with a soaking bathtub
Hacienda style bathroom is trending right now in the world of interiors. Perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that this décor blends many different styles such as rustic, Spanish, Mexican and generally Colonial. Its ability to draw together a mish-mash of different designs is very alluring. We can easily imagine quite modern interiors with a vintage-looking clawfoot copper bathtub in the central area of the room and some antique-looking iron or bronze pendant lamps to complement. The idea is to achieve a timeless atmosphere in which anyone can feel relaxed and comfortable. The Hacienda style is committed to mixing antique with modern but in a very subtle way. You can often find the use of Mexican Talavera tile to decorate walls and counters that work as a vintage contrast to highly modern pieces of furniture. It can also happen on the other way, meaning using contemporary finishing like hexagon or metro tiles and an ancient-looking forged iron chandelier, as the opposition.

Our online shop features so many furnishing and appliances that will work in a Hacienda style bathroom that you can easily complete the definitive Colonial look with us. Bring earthly colors with our hand-painted Talavera tile and some bold accents with high-relief tiles. If anything, Hacienda décor requires a warm atmosphere with a pop of color. The materials should be quite noble like high-quality wood, copper, iron or even stone. If your bathroom is not so large, you can add some small Colonial details such as an iron mirror with a richly decorated frame or a unique copper sink that adjust to your space. The mirrors will always help you to make your bathroom look bigger than it is. Accessories are another lovely way of introducing the Hacienda feeling to your bathroom. From ceramic planters to ethnic and exotic textiles, those details bring an artistic and elegant statement design.

Copper Bathtubs

Copper Bathtubs

Custom Copper Bathtubs

Custom copper bathtubs or otherwise called tubs are very popular those days. Wide recognition is due to their antibacterial characteristics as well as hammered copper beauty. The bathtubs are handmade in small town of Santa Clara del Cobre located in central Mexico. Copper tub can be free standing or drop-in. In the first category you can find many different styles ranging form contemporary to colonial style. All copper bathtubs can be custom made to order dimensions and patina finishing of choice. It can be light and dark. Both of them are antique looking with random tones making copper bathtubs unique and in high demand.


Copper Bathtub Patina

Copper bathtubs are up for sale with two standard color patinas. It can be dark or light. Those are the most often selected finishing options. The copper tub can be polished or supplied with antique as well as honey color which looks like a new penny. Some buyers decide to nickel-plate copper tubs on both sides or inside only. The choice of finishing patina depends entirely on the buyer and usually depends on the bathroom existing decor, type of floor and walls. 

custom copper bathtub dark patina

dark copper bathtub patina

custom copper bathtub light patina

custom copper light color patina

Copper Bathtub Style

Copper bathtubs produced at our facility in Michoacan are available for sale as free standing, undermount and drop-in. The first version can be made as single or double soaking tub slippers. Some of them especially models with colonial and traditional are decorated with copper rings. At the same time undermount bathtubs are also drop-in depending how you decide to install them in your bathroom. We offer choice of drain hole location. You can request having it made on the bathtub bottom center or side. For copper bathtubs that are going to be used by two persons for their convenience it is recommended to have it placed at the center. Drop-in copper bathtubs are usually used in smaller bathroom therefore used by one occupant.

 single slipper soaking copper bathtub

drop-in copper bathtub

soaking copper bathtub with drain located on the center