Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks

Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks

Nowadays traditional oval copper bathroom sinks can be a real statement of your style and can feature all the commodities that make it a relaxing but stylish getaway from the stresses of your everyday life. If you are looking to upgrade the decor in your lavatory, an oval copper sink is what will definitely boost your style. The copper is easy and sometimes budget-friendly way to incorporate metallic into your home decor. Its texture is much warmer and inviting then the steel for instance and it has a lot of properties that make it a perfect material for wet ambiances. It is a great plumbing material because it doesn’t corrode that is why the bathroom is its natural environment. For example, a hammered copper bathtub doesn’t rust like iron which makes it a good product to use in damp environments where water contact is a concern. Importantly, copper oval sinks have a beautiful finish that matures with time to give a natural patina. It can be polished to a high shine, or aged.

hammered oval copper sink in a bathroom

Our copper sinks are hand hammered as vessel, drop-in and undermount. They are equipped with 1 1/2 inch drain suitable for connecting with any standard plumbing hardware. Our oval sinks can be optionally furnished with drain-back preventing water overflowing the sink edge. By default, all custom copper bathroom sinks are hammered. Their surface can be colored with patina finish, hand polished or nickel-plated. All of our bathroom sinks are made of high-quality copper and handmade to achieve a one-of-a-kind, artistically textured appliance with a smooth or deeply hammered and decorative surfaces. As far as the style is concerned, our collection of copper sinks are ranging from Colonial Spanish designs, applicable for Hacienda  home but also we manufacture many edgy and minimalist designs that will display gracefully in a modern design. The metal can make a dramatic conversion of your bathroom. Just to provide a couple of decorative ideas, discover some of our oval copper sinks models.

To enhance a rustic flair in your home, check the versatile beauty of the handmade copper sink for a barrel that will add value to your bathroom. Despite its tough exteriors, polished and hammered copper sinks, forged iron mirrors and free standing bathtubs bring elegance and warmth to your home with its stunning textures and flowery shape in the basin. It is sold in small or large sizes but you can order it in custom measurements as well. Other designs include some unique patterns hand-hammered inside the basin such as stars, horse heads for some country vibes and many ethical ornaments influenced by pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico. For pop of color, some of our copper sinks are decorated with paint and silver creating exceptional visual effects. Consider for example to buy "Sunflowers" bathroom sink. It is still durable and elegant as all of our copper sinks but it features an uncommon hand-painted design. If you are looking for a fixture that is unusual and made custom product, look no further.

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