traditional oval copper bathroom sink
traditional oval copper bathroom sink
traditional copper bathroom sink drain back feature
copper oval bathroom sink traditional finishing color options
rustic green color patina for a copper sink for a traditional bathroom

Copper Bathroom Sink "Sofía"

The traditional organic design of this copper sink “Sofía” with roots hand hammered inside the basin makes an ideal addition to a rustic layout in your bathroom. It has all the necessary elements for a perfect traditional home. It is a unique piece of art as each of our sinks are handmade. The copper is a warm but solid material that will go perfectly with other natural components. It has a vintage vibe but still represents the finest quality and high functionality.

  • Small 15½ x 12 x 5 (40x30x13cm)
  • Large 21 x 14 x 6 (53x35x15cm)
  • Drain size standard 1½ inch
  • Custom produced in Santa Clara del Cobre