Zinc Range Hoods

Zinc Range Hoods

If you are looking for a sublime grey hue with an extra spark for your kitchen, consider introducing one of our wall zinc range hoods as a focal point in your elegant decor. Zinc has become an increasingly popular material over the last decade and it can jazz up any kitchen design with details such as made-to-order rustic range hoods  and sinks. The first impression on the zinc kitchen appliances is that they correspond to particular modern ambiances but as you soon will discover the broad variety of metal kitchen range hoods, you will find out that we manufacture also Spanish copper vent hoods that are suitable for all styles kitchens from the most traditional to those with a minimalist twist.

wall zinc range hood in a kitchen

The style can be determined by choosing the color of patina and hammering. Natural color is used for contemporary style homes. A darken zinc hood is installed in more traditional houses including old European type kitchens. They can be supplied hammered or smooth as well as polished or mat. A central island zinc range hood will look exceptional in an eclectic environment with some vintage decorative elements, wooden shelves and steel with a rustic feel. For farmhouse style, buy a zinc design with brass vent hood vertical or horizontal stripes or select darker metal for strongly contrasting detail. The additional ornaments can be done in copper or iron. All models are for sale in wall mount and island versions. The island range hood has all its sides finished with the same style. The wall hood has its back flat and can vent through it or up to the ceiling depending on the design and house ventilation system configuration. To fully accommodate your kitchen ventilation needs, you can easily customize every dimension and feature of our custom range hoods. Our experienced staff will work with you to produce a metallic art for your kitchen.

Our company has been working in metalcraft for many decades and we came to develop the highest quality levels as well as excellent customer service. To get started with your hood's makeover, choose any of the wall zinc range hoods styles from our collection. You can then click on the sidebar menu to order wall mount or island version, various standard sizes and finishing. By then, your perfect custom range hood is ready to be produced and delivered. The hammered zinc range hood will undeniably a central piece of your newly renovated kitchen. It fits perfectly in commercial spaces furnished with counters such as open kitchen restaurants and bars so you can boost your business with this new appliance and designed to fit your lifestyle and be a focal point of pride for your home.

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Jun 22, 2017

I would be interested in one of custom made zinc range hoods but I have a few questions. Is the range hood metal hammered on the picture and whetehr a vent equippment is included? Also please let me know CFM capacity of the insert providing it comes with the hood.


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