Made-to-order Kitchen Metal Range Hoods

Made-to-order Kitchen Metal Range Hoods

You want your metal range hoods to become a bold statement in your kitchen, but the standard product do not make your heart beat faster? We have a solution for you. Our company bestselling products are metal vent hoods that can be customized on many levels_ material, shape, size and finishing. Therefore, made-to-order metal range hoods for a kitchen are a great idea for those who are looking for something authentic and do not want to settle for a standard and common design. Buying an appliance of this size and importance, you would like to choose a style you love and that is suitable for the rest of the kitchen decoration. Custom zinc range hoods can be made of a variety of materials. As far as production plant concerns, we manufacture copper, zinc and iron range hoods in standard and custom dimensions. Some designs include more than one metal. Whether it is a wall-mount or island, all of our appliance designs are offered in both versions. Occasionally, we are asked to fabricate custom metal kitchen hoods to accommodate it for a high ceiling kitchen. It can be done by producing a whole new custom range hoods that would be longer than usual size or we can also add a chimney to the existing appliance.

There are many things to consider while picking your perfect made-to-order metal range hoods. The most important is the homeowner’s taste. Our company offers a grand variety of style so, in consequence, you will find for sure an ideal focal point to your kitchen outlet. Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, personalized metal vent hoods can be mounted on a wall, incorporated between the kitchen cabinets or suspended from the ceiling over the kitchen island.

custom kitchen metal range hoods

Naturally, you will want us to supply stove hoods that suits to perfection the style of your kitchen and that transmits the spirit of your home. Check out different patina colors available in our made-to-order process. Techniques like a hammered or polished finish, the material choice such as stainless steel or antique copper are some of our recommendations. If your kitchen presents a modern design, you could add stainless steel or a polished copper with cleaner and more elementary forms. It will brighten the space and give a very contemporary and unconventional flair to the overall. If you have a more classical taste, look for a rustic and farmhouse vibes in our collection of metal range hoods.  A mix of metals will add a vintage flair to it and if you order it with a molded, ornamented crown, you will get an old European style hoods. A fired and darker patina options will give more traditional and rustic flair to your brand new hood covers. As you can see the options are almost endless and we are sure that we can help you to get your ideal kitchen exhaust product. Production of most made-to-order metal range hoods takes five weeks including shipping to the US mainland, Mexico and Canada.

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Sep 28, 2017

I really want something in my kitchen that can be a good focal point. I didn’t think about getting a range hood. That is really cool that you can get custom metal range hoods. That would be great if I could get one that matched the rest of my electronics in my kitchen! Thanks for the information!

Deb Pearl

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