Custom Metal Range Hoods made of Copper

Custom Metal Range Hoods made of Copper

Among other metals, custom range hoods are produced in our facility in central Mexico from recycled copper. Our purchasing department gets a lot of supply from copper wire factory as well as small businesses delivering anything from electric wiring to old vapor heaters.

We have at our plant a number of employees removing any other material but copper including plastic insulation from the supply. Then copper scrap is melted in industrial ovens. In the process all remaining non copper material separates be either burning or as other metals due to a different weight. Why it is important? If there is any other metal within a copper it will brake up during sheet production causing necessity to melt the piece once again.

large made to order metal range hood for a kitchen wall

Once copper sheets are formed they are brought to the factory where skilled workers create those beautiful hammered copper range hoods. All of the designs are handmade on individual bases. It allows buyers to make some modifications to their range hoods such as changing shape, decorative elements and customizing for their own vent equipment. It seams our buyer is a metal range hood designer what makes our collection endless. Add to this fact six different patina options including coffee, honey, antique, natural fired as well as hand polished and naturally oxidized green, you multiplied already enormous custom made range hood collection to thousands of choices.

If you are in process of home improvement work and considering buying for your kitchen custom metal range hood made of hammered copper think mycustommade. Even though, we are located South of the border, we offer free shipping to all lower US states and approximate delivery within four weeks from the order date.


Jul 28, 2020


Jul 28, 2020


Dec 15, 2017

Your kitchen will look great with one of these custom metal range hoods made of copper. These range hoods have many beautiful designs and incredible finishings.

Chris Márquez
Dec 08, 2017

These custom metal range hood made of copper are excellent to decorate your kitchen because they look very rustic. So if you have a rustic house or even a modern house you must have one of these beautiful range hoods.

Anlella Guerrero
Dec 01, 2017

Custom metal range hoods made of copper are very useful and very beautiful too. If you are making a rustic or even a modern house you should consider these range hood because they will make your places look great.

Angela Duque

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