Custom Iron Lighting Fixtures

Custom Iron Lighting Fixtures

Whether you want to add some sublime ambient light or perhaps blow away all your guests with an imposing iron structure, consider our custom iron lighting fixtures that are forged by skilled artisans to create a unique and elegant piece for demanding customers. There is nothing more sophisticated than a custom-made piece of a decorative chandelier or stunning lamp.

iron chandelier lighting fixtures

Apart from copper appliances, our principal activity is a production of custom iron lighting fixtures for indoors and outdoors. They include large iron chandeliers, pendant lamps and sconces. Most of our designs are inspired in the Old World elegance which is almost impossible to find in the current international market. Imagine a beautifully crafted Art Deco style pendant light with the guarantee of modern technology blend harmoniously with vintage glamour. With time, we became the top vendors of custom iron chandeliers that embrace the charm of one-of-a-kind design with dramatic effect. The most representative model for our lighting collection is the wrought iron chandelier “Esteve". It is made entirely by hand in Mexico and available in natural metal, black iron or rusted finishing. This vintage piece features two tiers and 12 candle-style bases for the bulbs of your choice, ideal to enhance your interiors with a perfect mix of superb form and function. Apart from the standard lighting fixture dimensions, it can be fabricated in custom size. Beautiful, curved lines are ideal for decorating spacious dining rooms or high-celling lobbies for both, private mansions and commercial use such as hotels and restaurants. To amplify the chosen style, you can add some vintage-looking sconces to create the desired mood lighting.

The custom iron lighting fixtures can play an important part in decorating your interiors and exteriors, and not only as a source of light. Lighting transforms a house into a home and will allow to highlight the space you wish or separate two ambiences in the same room. Without good lighting, the impact of all the other decorative details like furnishings, lavish finishing, and luxurious wall coverings will be lost. Therefore getting the right custom made lamps will help you make the most of our homes. The iron is a material that works very well with rustic tone, being a natural metal that can be a very graceful combination between wooden furnishings and metal additions. Moreover, is one of the most popular metals between the supporters of industrial style so you can see that it is a quite versatile product. Your new custom iron chandeliers, pendant lamps and scones if organized with an interior designer to create a perfect lighting scheme, will set the atmosphere of each room, some of them being used as a task light and others as more sublime, mood lighting.

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