Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Installing bathroom above counter sinks seems like a journey into the past but for us, it is a trend that has never gone away. Right now, it is the type of the washbasin that attracts a lot of interest among our clients. Unlike the undermount model, the handmade hammered copper or ceramic vessel sinks are exposing the entire beauty and elegance rather than hiding most of it under the counter. If you are keen on a bold and artistic look, you need to keep reading this post.

custom vessel sink in a bathroom

Bathroom vessel sinks by myCutomMade brand are made in copper, hand-painted in Talavera ceramic, polished stone or zinc. As you can see there are many materials to take into consideration and pair with your existing style. The most popular counter vessel sink style is produced from copper and hand painted ceramic. The sinks in copper can be supplied in standard sizes or custom made with the buyer's specifications in mind. They can be round, rectangular, oval and irregular. Some designs are a combination of drop-in and over the counter. With thousands of intricate, colorful, unique styles out there, a good vessel sink is a perfect signature finishing touch to any bathroom, and a perfect way to add a little personal flair. This will be the most authentic and unique element in your bathroom as each of our copper vessel sinks is a hand-made and hand-hammered piece of art. Made by skilled artisans, no two are created exactly alike. Apart from the aesthetic, the copper presents far more benefits. This stunning metal ages naturally over time, developing a one of a kind patina. Also, the copper sinks are very easy to maintain as being naturally antiseptic and non-porous. The maintenance of both copper and zinc vessel sinks is so easy that you will not have to worry about that at all as it is the most hygienic material that you can actually use in a bathroom.

Skillfully handcrafted, our Talavera bathroom vessel sinks are inspired by Mexican, vibrant culture and will make you appreciate the rustic style even more. A unique concept, our classic Mexican sinks transport you to artistic and cheerful Mexico. Choose from a broad collection of hand-painted vessel sinks, designed to color up your bathroom. As a place where you can relax, the bathroom should be designed the way you can easily recharge your energy and first of all, that reflects your personality. Mexican bathroom sinks with their colonial or Mediterranean patterns and bright colors will for sure create a cheerful atmosphere of well-being.


Jul 28, 2020


Jul 28, 2020



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