Broken Mexican Color Tiles

Broken Mexican Color Tiles

In times where sustainability is no longer a trend but a must, interior designing cherishes the recycled materials like broken Mexican color tiles.  It incorporates them into thousands of remodeling projects that, in case of ceramic, glazed tiles can be easily undertaken by homeowners in fun and easy DIY activities. You can use our stunning, hand-made, Mexican tiles for both interiors and exteriors. The same applies to the cracked wall and floor tiles.

broken tiles diy project on the table

You have the option of buying our broken Mexican color tiles. We offer a smaller set that consists of 20 pounds of ceramic tile pieces and custom-broken Mexican tile lot that include an amount of the product that covers 220 square feet of the surface. This option is ideal for constructors and interior designers who tend to work in the substantial renovation that includes tiling. All tiles are hand-painted with solid colors which mean there are no patterns featured on the tile surface. The tiles are broken in two, three and four pieces in the majority of cases. If you are looking for a jazzier, distinctive look, you can check our offers for broken Mexican mosaic tiles that feature many broken Talavera tiles with remarkable designs. Our solid color lost can be used for decorating interior and exterior walls of restaurants, bars, and, of course, private residences. The good news is that Mexican tiles are water-resistant so they can be applied to the house veranda, patio, in the showers, bathrooms and swimming pool’ area.

One of the most popular ideas for broken tiles with solid colors is to use them to create vivid and bright mosaics on walls and floors. Another captivating, decorating project could be to apply these cheerful, broken ceramics on the kitchen counters and backsplashes. You can fill the backsplash surface with a mosaic and then frame it with entire, border tiles that we have also on sale. However, there are many, small-scale mosaic ideas that you can incorporate throughout your home and garden. The great thing about mosaics is that you cannot go wrong with something that is already broken. Consider, for instance, refurbishing your garden or dining room table. By placing broken Mexican color tiles on top of the table, you create an exceptional, Southern look and you also add durability to the surface.  As for the outdoors, you can make planters, tile-topped stepping stones, broken ceramic table tops and even pieces of art. We can easily imagine using broken, handcrafted Mexican tiles to decorate mirror frames or to do a tray or simply, a coaster. Another large renovation project, these cheerful, broken ceramics can be applied on the kitchen counters and backsplashes.