Mexican Talavera Tiles

Mexican Talavera Tiles

Mexican pottery art is very versatile and represents folk art that is a blend of not only indigenous civilisations but also European cultures that had close contact with this wonderful country over the centuries. One of the most recognisable ceramic products is the Mexican Talavera tiles that enclose classic Spanish style, Moorish heritage and Mexican creativity. If you are looking for a bright, colorful and striking design for the kitchen, bathroom, lobby or garden, our beautifully crafted handmade tiles will not disappoint you.


mexican talavera tiles

Even though the oldest pottery pieces from Mesoamerica are 4500 years old and all the ethnic groups from Mexico had elaborated decorative items made of clay, the origin of the Mexican Talavera tiles coincides with the encounter between the endemic population of Mexico with Spanish conquerors. Spain was the country that had the biggest impact on what is today known as Talavera ceramic from Mexico. The Spanish monks had spread the technology of the potter’s wheel, the enclosed kiln, lead glazes, pigments extracted from metal oxides around the native people of Mexico. From this encounter, the local pottery artists started to create their own version of classic Talavera tiles that represents Mexican symbols and designs unknown to Europeans. Due to this clash of cultures, today we are still able to purchase the most stunning handmade tiles that enhance the Southern feel in its finest version. If you have a look at our collections of kitchen tile murals, Mexican tiles and high relief tiles, you will discover thousands of unique designs in all kinds of color combinations. This impressive versatility gives endless decorative options for homeowners and interior designers.

The decorative Talavera tiles are made of a mixture of three different clays found in the state of Guanajuato in the vicinity of Dolores Hidalgo used for forming the tiles. Once they are dry they are handcrafted with many different patterns or plain colors. Being a durable material, our ceramic tiles have a lot of application in decorating both interior and exterior of houses in the USA and Canada. If you want to create a Hacienda or Colonial style in your home or just simply add some rustic feel to your interiors, the Talavera tiles are the best and easiest way to do it. They can work as a surprising accent to go with more contemporary applications made in a more neutral color palette. Mexican venues such as restaurants and bars can also benefit from our Mexican Talavera tiles.

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