Hacienda Style Bathroom

Hacienda Style Bathroom

While some are lucky enough to live in a Hacienda or Colonial style home with fantastic original details such as ceiling beams, archways and large arched windows, and tiled front porch, others are dreaming to boost Hacienda style with as many details as they can. The good news is that even if you do not own a Spanish Colonial or Mexican residency, you still can bring the soothing comfort and luxury found in natural, handmade furnishings and vintage-looking accessories. Transform your ordinary bathroom, whether modern or traditional into a Hacienda-style bathroom by creating an amazing setting with the hand-painted, ceramic Talavera sink, bright and varicolored tiles, old-world copper mirror above the bathroom vanity and to shake things up, consider installing a freestanding copper bathtub or forged iron chandelier to move the attention to the higher parts of the room. Keep reading if you want to know more about how to enhance this magnificent transformation.

unique hacienda style bathroom with a soaking bathtub
Hacienda style bathroom is trending right now in the world of interiors. Perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that this décor blends many different styles such as rustic, Spanish, Mexican and generally Colonial. Its ability to draw together a mish-mash of different designs is very alluring. We can easily imagine quite modern interiors with a vintage-looking clawfoot copper bathtub in the central area of the room and some antique-looking iron or bronze pendant lamps to complement. The idea is to achieve a timeless atmosphere in which anyone can feel relaxed and comfortable. The Hacienda style is committed to mixing antique with modern but in a very subtle way. You can often find the use of Mexican Talavera tile to decorate walls and counters that work as a vintage contrast to highly modern pieces of furniture. It can also happen on the other way, meaning using contemporary finishing like hexagon or metro tiles and an ancient-looking forged iron chandelier, as the opposition.

Our online shop features so many furnishing and appliances that will work in a Hacienda style bathroom that you can easily complete the definitive Colonial look with us. Bring earthly colors with our hand-painted Talavera tile and some bold accents with high-relief tiles. If anything, Hacienda décor requires a warm atmosphere with a pop of color. The materials should be quite noble like high-quality wood, copper, iron or even stone. If your bathroom is not so large, you can add some small Colonial details such as an iron mirror with a richly decorated frame or a unique copper sink that adjust to your space. The mirrors will always help you to make your bathroom look bigger than it is. Accessories are another lovely way of introducing the Hacienda feeling to your bathroom. From ceramic planters to ethnic and exotic textiles, those details bring an artistic and elegant statement design.

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