Hacienda Hand-Forged Iron Chandeliers

Hacienda Hand-Forged Iron Chandeliers

Decorating a home is like creating a beautiful, personal painting that consists of many layers of paints with texture, shadows and highlights. Custom lighting fixtures will help you to refine the mood of your apartment or larger residency just like in a perfect painting. You want to choose an item that makes a statement not only when the lights are on and when they are off. With hacienda hand-forged iron chandelierss, any interior décor will gain personality and unique elegance.

hacienda style chandeliers decorating a living room

If you have a look at our extended collection, you will discover that our handcrafted, iron chandeliers are a masterpiece of blacksmith and each model can transform profoundly your existing décor. Add an old-world flair with a touch of Tuscan, Victorian, Southern and Colonial style of hacienda hand-forged iron chandeliers. These wrought iron lighting pieces will add warmth, charm and timeless character to your dining room, bedroom, lobby or even bathroom (because why not). If you think you need a palace with a ballroom to get yourself a grandiose chandelier, you should know that it is one of our most popular products on the web page, suitable for a middle-size house as well. Our iron lighting fixtures can be purchased as a customized version of the product you see on the web. They will go very well in a modern rustic household and even in utterly modern open-space lofts. Any home can benefit from a vintage piece as long as it is high-quality and has outstanding execution. Now, if you are designing your home in Southern or Mediterranean style, our Hacienda iron chandeliers are giving you the opportunity to put the final touch to your décor. They fit into any vintage-inspired style and can be matched easily with other rustic items produced by our company such as copper dining sets or decorative mirror frames.

Consider our grandiose iron chandeliers if you are an interior designer working on remodeling a restaurant or hotel foyer that lacks a bold statement. You can really let your imagination flow in larger spaces, especially with higher ceilings. It is where our hand-forged iron chandeliers blossom. If you have high ceilings, you can purchase any of our double tier chandeliers. The top ring can be designed smaller than the bottom, giving it a tiered appearance. A custom made item of that size, can fill any space and set the tone for the rest of the decorative layout.

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