Custom Range Hoods

Custom Range Hoods

You know that feeling that you enter into a freshly renew kitchen and something is missing for this elegant and sophisticated effect you were expecting. Custom range hoods from metal are an exceptional way to add a personal touch to any kitchen. Being able to in some way co-design a metal range hoods with us gives you the opportunity to incorporate just the right appliance. We are an experienced manufacturer of custom range hoods in a variety of metals such as zinc, copper, iron or pewter. All of those materials have some incredible properties that you should take into consideration. They have a specific style. Zinc range hoods are produced as hammered or smooth. They can be treated with made-to-order metal patinas. Both of them can be hand polished as well to give this bright and spotless look. Custom tin and iron range hoods come in the rustic involving sanding with fine sandpaper and then darkened, untreated or naturally oxidized. Some of the designs are aged, others contemporary. Custom zinc range hoods are supplied with dark or natural metallic color.

custom range hood made of metal in a kitchen

Pewter which is in reality pure aluminum comes with options such as smooth, hammered, mat and high glass. All of the custom range hood design regardless of the material they are made of, can be wall mount or installed for a kitchen central island. The latter is attached to the ceiling only and it is where the venting system should go. Our custom copper range hoods can be designed with many finishing which can change drastically, adding to it vintage character. The decision depends on which style you want your new kitchen to be. Although we specialize in Southern decorative elements and furnishings influenced by Mexican hacienda tiles, we can produce your custom vent hood in a different shapes and finishing. We can use iron stripes giving the hood modern appearance. Or as seen on the image above, using smooth copper with hammered straps that are slightly darker some rustic flavor.

The choice of finishing patina should be based entirely on the buyer and kitchen existing decor such as color of the floor, and walls. All our custom range hoods metal can be converted into recalculating air to the room. You need to send a follow-up email indicating if your house has or not, duct leading to the outside so in case it does not, it has to be redirected after passing through the hoods insert filters. However, do not worry as even the best custom range hood from metal can be produced venting outside the house or recalculating back to the kitchen. Custom production and hood delivery are estimated for four weeks to any region of the US mainland, more or less six to Canada.

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