Black Iron Chandeliers

Black Iron Chandeliers

Create unique ambiences with our black iron chandelier that will add warmth, charm and timelessness to any space. Typically made from wrought iron, these light fixtures are distinguished by quality materials and fine craft and they look just stunning in any areas for residential or commercial use. It will make an entry hall, dining room or a hotel lobby look just superb. The elegant curves of this vintage light fixtures enhance very vintage and Old European-inspired style but you can also customize it the way it will fit a modern penthouse as well.

hand forged iron chandelier

Collection of black iron chandeliers consists of, primarily, Spanish style fixtures. Chandeliers are made in Mexico from forged iron and the painted black. It was the color often used by Spaniards for decorating colonial style residences, churches and government buildings. With the rise of popularity of antique-inspired styles, this powerful accessories became popular again and it happens that Mexico has one of the most skillful and experienced blacksmiths in the world. For that reason, you can expect the highest quality final products customized to your necessities, hand-made by our artisans. Providing truly authentic hand-forged black iron chandeliers designs, My Custom Made is the place to look for the highest quality products made with traditional techniques. On our Web page, you can find an infinity of options that can adjust perfectly to your decor. If you are dreaming of an old-world inspired ambience, have a look at our black iron lightning in a shape of hoop or ring. Create a medieval dining room with this simple but incredible detail. The lights can have a candelabra inspired scones for a bigger effect. If you have high ceilings, you can purchase a variety of double ring chandelier. The top ring is smaller than the bottom, giving it a tiered appearance. On the other hand, choose the clean design of a sturdy and elementary black iron chandelier for the contemporary effect that will combine to perfection with metal and wooden furniture pieces in a minimalist style.

A hanging pendant lamp or chandelier adds charm and intimacy to a chosen area. Available in a variety of styles, these lamps turn the room into an elegant affair, European salon or industrial loft, depending on the style of your iron chandelier itself. Besides a designing decision, planning the light's position in relation to other elements is an important part of the process. You would like your new custom made iron chandelier to be the central part of your renovated room. The customized black iron chandelier can be fitted not only in dining rooms but can add an element of surprise in a lavish kitchen or even bathrooms. Remember that all of our products can be customized. The modifications we offer include chandelier size which relates mostly to its diameter but you can also change the finishing of the metal. We offer our custom made iron chandeliers in black, natural and rusted colors. Consider as well some changes in the design elements such as the number of lights, tiers in an iron chandelier.


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