zinc range hood with brass straps
zinc range hood with brass straps
natural smooth zinc range hood finishing detail

Zinc Range Hood with Brass Straps and Apron

Wall mount kitchen range hood made of zinc and brass. The hood body was handcrafted using natural color smooth zinc (not hammered) and its apron and straps of brass. The design includes a small crown molding. They are hand polished. The hood is 48 x 48 inches, standard depth at the bottom of 24". This zinc range hood is designed for the buyer's own insert and its brand name as well as model number provided prior to beginning hood production. Delivery is estimated for six weeks from the order date. It is an estimated time frame. The cost of the product is $ 3700 plus freight $892.

  • Smooth natural zinc
  • Apron and straps polished brass
  • Wall mount
  • Width 48”
  • Depth 24"
  • Height 48”
  • Designed for buyer's own insert
  • Estimated delivery in six weeks includes range hood production