contemporary rectangular talavera sink
contemporary rectangular talavera sink
rectangular talavera sink back view

Rectangular Talavera Sink "Calla Lilies"

Bring your garden into contemporary bathroom or kitchen area with "Calla Lilies" Talavera sink. The rectangular sink basin and sleek edges of this bathroom fixture offer a lot of space for your daily routines and comfort. The handcrafted design is dominated by blue, white and green tones with a splash of terracotta, shaping a marvelous image of Calla lilies.

  • Outside dimensions: 18"x 14" (45x35cm)
  • Depth: 6.5" (16cm)
  • Rectangular sink with 1.5" drain
  • Custom produced in Mexico
  • Blue, white, green, terracotta
  • Delivery estimated for 30 days