handcrafted zinc range hood
handcrafted zinc range hood
hadcrafted kitchen range hood made of smooth zinc
handcrafted zinc range hood dimenisons
handcrafted zinc metal range hood insert
handcrafted zinc metal range hood finishing options
hadcrafted range hood from zinc metal decorated with copper straps

Handcrafted Zinc Metal Vent Hood "Hillary"

Handcrafted zinc metal range hood for wall installation. It is produced from smooth zinc in natural color and decorated with smooth copper straps in honey patina based on the hood image. The range hood is made ready for monsoon 2 insert 46 3/8” version. Estimated deliver including appliance production is four weeks. Delivery cost from Mexico to the buyer's US address of $570 included in the product price.

  • Width top: 26"
  • Depth bottom: 24"
  • Width bottom: 54"
  • Height: 61"
  • Discount 200 CFM hood insert with lights included

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