Zinc Range Hood "Vantaggio"
Zinc Range Hood "Vantaggio"
custom made zinc kitchen hood fleur de lis

Zinc Range Hood "Vantaggio"

Custom zinc kitchen hood "Ventaggio" model wall mount based on Rustica range hood "Nevada". Listing kitchen range hood photo demonstrates its shape and style only as it is going to be handmade in custom dimensions and finishing. It includs smooth zinc with antique treatement shown on metal range hood image. The same photos shows natural zinc straps with rivets that are going to be used on Ventaggio custom range hood model. Hood apron needs to be just a little bid taller than what appears on the photo so that there is room for the fleur de lis. Its height should be about five inches tall. This zinc kitchen hood to be customized for Vent-A-Hood insert BH234SLD. It is 600CFM capacity 34 3/8 wide and 19 1/4 deep. Range hood ventilation system drawing can be located by clicking the link. Price of the hood $3300 + $550 shipping, total of $3850. It includes producing the kitchen hood 43" wide decorated with fleur de lis hammered apron. 

  • 43 inches wide
  • 24 inches tall
  • 24 inches deep
  • Discount ventilation system with two speed fan, lights and filters

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