custom made zinc wall vent hood
custom made zinc wall vent hood
zinc wall vent hood
wall vent hood

Custom Zinc Vent Hood "Allie Studio"

Custom wall mount kitchen vent hood made of smooth zinc treated with antique style finishing and decorated with natural color zinc straps with rivets. The hood is priced at $3400 + $550 shipping, the total of $US 3950. This wall mount zinc vent hood needs to be customized for Best PK22 insert 43 7/16 long and 15 7/16 with the lip. Delivery including vent hood production estimated for five weeks. Shipped on a separate pallet crated with curb delivery and all border fees prepaid. Product page photo may not demonstrate correct proportions.

  • Depth at the top: 14"
  • Width top: 45"
  • Depth bottom: 24"
  • Width bottom: 54"
  • Height: 39.75"
  • Discount 200 CFM hood insert with lights included