handmade copper bathtub
handmade copper bathtub
handmade copper bathtub dark patina
handmade copper bathtub ligh color choice

Copper Tub "Vermont"

Some may say it is retro, others that it is handmade colonial but one thing is sure, the copper bathtub “Vermont” will transform your bathroom into a spa experience. Choosing copper as bathtub material is perfect for a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial home style so you have many options to play with. Consider it as a free-standing focal point of your bathroom.

  • Handmade Copper Bathtub CM2D4104
  • Choose length from the menu in page options
  • Higher end 36 inches (90 cm), lower end proportional
  • Width 31-33" (78-84cm) or made to order
  • Free delivery to continental USA

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