Americana copper bathtub
Americana copper bathtub
Americana bathtub copper dark finishing option
copper bathtub in americana style light natural metal finishing choice

Copper Tub "Americana"

The copper bathtub “Americana” will turn into a stunning centerpiece of your bathroom, your favorite place to spend a rainy afternoon with a glass of wine and candlelight. Hand-hammered to perfection this bathtub has a fine shape of the double slipper and some subtle, adorning details such as copper rings and a pedestal with relief which makes it even more vintage looking.

  • Copper bathtub CM2H8108
  • Choose length from the menu in page options
  • Higher end 36 inches (90 cm), lower end proportional
  • Width 31-33" (78-84cm) or made to order
  • Free shipping to continental US states