cobre viejo round copper bathroom sink
cobre viejo round copper bathroom sink
round copper bathroom sink back view
viejo copper sink for a bathroom in round shape detail view
natural pattina options for a round bathroom sink hammered in copper

Copper Bathroom Sink "Cobre Viello"

This round copper sink attracts with the simplicity of forms and richness of textures. Your bathroom will gain a lot of style and elegance with this plumbing fixture. The handmade cobre viejo design is enriched with an unusual flower pattern hand hammered inside the copper sink basin. Add some rustic feel to your interiors with our beautiful and subtle round bathroom sink.

  • Small size 15½ x 6 (40x15 cm)
  • Large sink 17 x 6 (43x15 cm)
  • Standard round drain 1½ inch
  • Custom patina selection
  • Optional copper over-flow
  • Free delivery