rustic oval copper bathroom sink
rustic oval copper bathroom sink
side view of copper bathroom sink
back view of oval bathroom sink made of handmade of copper
rustic copper patina color options for an oval bathroom sink
rustic finishing of a copper sink in oval shape for a bathroom

Copper Bathroom Sink "Camila"

Looking for something rustic that will last many years and at the same time be admired by all your guests? Our oval copper bathroom sink "Camila" has all you need. It is made of an exquisite metal that is durable and elegant. The bathroom sink is handmade which makes it one of its kind and it can be customized with sizes and rustic copper patina finishes to add some extra “wow” effect.

  • Small 15½ x 12 x 5 (40x30x13cm)
  • Large 21 x 14 x 6 (53x35x15cm)
  • Drain size standard 1½ inch

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