vintage round copper bathroom sink
vintage round copper bathroom sink
back view of vintage bathroom sink made of hammered copper
detail of a copper used for a bathroom sink in ventage style made by artisans
vintage patina selection of bathroom sink made of copper

Copper Bathroom Sink "Guayana"

Crafted by artisans, vintage round copper bathroom sink "Guayana" is a great example of rustic decor, trendy in a country and Spanish style homes. Used on its own or in combination with other copper decorations, this vintage bathroom sink will fit in with your best look, creating an eye-catching display of hand-hammered pattern inside the basin.

  • Small size 15½ x 6 (40x15 cm)
  • Large sink 17 x 6 (43x15 cm)
  • Standard round drain 1½ inch
  • Custom patina selection
  • Optional copper over-flow

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