Spanish round copper bathroom sink
Spanish round copper bathroom sink
round copper drop-in bathroom sink in Spanish style
round copper bathroom sink back veiw detail
copper patina choices for a round sink for a Spanish style bathrooms

Copper Bathroom Sink "Granada"

Looking for a Spanish piece of bathroom fixture that will be durable but at the same time incredibly stylish and authentic? Check out our copper bathroom sink "Granada". We are sure that it has all it gets to astonish your guests and complement to a perfection the room. This round copper sink is made of an exquisite metal that is durable and elegant. It is handmade which makes it one of its kind and it can be customized with sizes and Spanish patina finishes to add some extra “wow” effect.

  • Small size 15½ x 6 (40x15 cm)
  • Large sink 17 x 6 (43x15 cm)
  • Standard round drain 1½ inch
  • Custom patina selection
  • Optional copper over-flow
  • Free delivery