antique round copper bathroom sink
antique round copper bathroom sink
round copper bathroom sink detail view
additional copper plumbing fixture available with the purchase of antique bathroom sink
antique copper patina color choices for a round sink for a antique style bathrooms

Copper Bathroom Sink "Guatemala"

Introduce an elegant and captivating antique bathroom fixture. Round copper sink "Guatemala" is a great example of old looking style element that will become a focal point in any bathroom environment. Just have a look at a lovely sink round shape and rim. Inside basin, there are more details to admire. Hammered in copper bull thrones bringing unique flair.

  • Small size 15½ x 6 (40x15 cm)
  • Large sink 17 x 6 (43x15 cm)
  • Standard round drain 1½ inch
  • Custom patina selection
  • Optional copper over-flow

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