mexican round copper bathroom sink
mexican round copper bathroom sink
hammered round copper bathroom sink from Mexico back view
plumbing fixture of copper bathroom sink view
copper patina options for Mexican bathroom sink in round shape for undermount and drop-in use

Copper Bathroom Sink "Campeche"

A sunflower pattern inside the basin of this Mexican style copper bathroom sink "Campeche" creates a nature-like atmosphere. The antique looking patina longevity assures an enduring and elegant looking product. It is ideal for cottage house or hacienda estate. It was hand hammered in Mexico which makes it one of a kind. This Mexican round copper bathroom fixture is designed for sink drop-in and undermount use.

  • Small size 15½"x 6" (40x15cm)
  • Large sink 17"x 6" (43x15cm)
  • Standard drain diameter 1½"
  • Round bathroom sink from Mexico
  • Optional over-flow