antique round copper bathroom sink
antique round copper bathroom sink
back view of round copper drop-in sink for a bathroom in old style
antique undermount copper bathroom sink drain fixture plumbing detail
antique copper patina options for finishing a round bathroom sink

Copper Bathroom Sink "Durango"

An antique round copper bathroom sink is a great option for smaller sized spaces. You do not have to keep up with standard and a common design as we have sophisticated alternatives for you. The copper sink "Durango" can be actually ordered in a custom size and its design is by no means, unconventional. Its handcrafted, antique pattern inside the basin makes it one of a kind appliance in any style bathroom but perhaps where its suits best is in rustic interiors.

  • Small size 15½"x 6" (40x15cm)
  • Large sink 17"x 6" (43x15cm)
  • Standard drain diameter 1½"
  • Customize it with patina of choice
  • Optional over-flow fixture