double slipper farmhouse copper bathtub
double slipper farmhouse copper bathtub
double slipper copper bathtub farm house style patina option
double slipper copper farmhouse bathtub natural patina

Copper Tub "Mississippi"

This double slipper copper bathtub will make a statement in any bathroom. The hand-made copper bathtub “Mississippi” is made in a farmhouse style and its material contrasts beautifully with modern decor and at the same time fits gracefully in a rustic bathroom, especially if you choose an antique patina finish option. You can purchase this double slipper bathtub in a standard or custom size. Five week free delivery.

  • Choose length from the menu in page options
  • Higher end 36 inches (90 cm), lower end proportional
  • Width 31-33" (78-84cm) or made to order
  • Free shipping to continental US states