copper bathtub
copper bathtub
custom made copper bathtub dark patina
copper bathtub light finishing

Copper Tub "New Mexico"

Custom copper tub combining traditional metal handcrafting method and contemporary style. This free standing tub is offered with free shipping. New Mexico model demonstrated on the photo was custom made for limitted space bathroom in dark patina.  It is available in all standard dimensions and color options. The design is made of a beatifull uper lip and ribbed base. The rest of the copper tub body is hammered without any extra decorative elements. Free shipping estimated for four weeks.

Copper Tub

  • Copper tub CM0G1007
  • Length: select from the options
  • Height 24 inches (60 cm)
  • Width 31-33" (78-84cm)
  • Free delivery

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