Custom Wall Fountain

Custom Wall Fountain

Even if not all of us can afford to live in a beach house, with a little bit of creativity, we can create our little water oasis in the garden or patio with a custom wall fountain as the sound of water has positive effects on our mental health. Create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor by adding one of our fountain designs.


wall fountain

Visualize the natural beauty of handmade Cantera stone, combined with the tranquil sounds of moving water creating an environment that reflects tranquillity as well as your own style. Any Mexican Hacienda used to have an indoor patio that featured a source of water that would cool down the climate and become a favourite place to be on sunny afternoons. If you are looking to create a Southwest theme in your home and even if you do not have a big garden to accommodate a swimming pool or even jacuzzi, a custom wall fountain can bring the comforts of the outside to your veranda or patio. There are two types of stone fountains for patios, condominium entries and gardens: wall mount or free-standing. You can buy an entire wall water fountain or just a part of it as it shown on the attached photo. In this case, the architect created a modern-looking design with a traditional accent made of Mexican Cantera plate.

The custom wall fountain is an amazing idea for areas with limited space. However as modest as it can seem, it does not mean it cannot be incredibly stylish! From Spanish or Hacienda style to French rococo-alike, you can choose among many water fountains inspired by the centuries of residential architecture. Mexican stone fountains are handcrafted in many shapes, styles and sizes. If simplicity is your thing, you can choose one of our more classic models. It could be a free-standing option or a wall mount, depending on the layout of your outdoors. Usually, our water features are made of one column, three water plates and finished with a stone basin where all the water is dropping down as in a waterfall effect. You can add additional rustic flair to your custom wall fountains and choose one of the models that we decorated with Talavera cheerful tiles or simply frame your wall fountain with accent tiles. Add some cast aluminum patio furniture and your perfect laid-back vibe is ready" You can not go wrong with this combination, especially in exterior environments where the colors of your plants mix with the multicolored hand-painted ceramics.